Issue Thirty-Four

Editor’s Note

Michael Frazier, Poetry Reader






Adroit Prizes

Winner, Poetry | Tariq Thompson, “On Their Birthday, Suge Knight & My Daddy Discuss Forgiveness”, selected by Jericho Brown.
Runner-Up, Poetry Stephanie Chang of University College London, ’24.

Winner, Prose | Yasmeen Khan, “Valley of Saints”, selected by Kristen Arnett.
Runner-Up, Prose | Coral Bello-Martinez of Franklin & Marshall College, ‘20.

Gerardo Azpiri | Poetry | Bennington College, ‘23
Julia Bohm | Nonfiction | University of Rochester, ‘22
Leyla Çolpan | Poetry | University of Pittsburgh, ‘20
Elliot Connors | Nonfiction | Yale University, ‘20
Kaya Dierks | Fiction | The Branson School, ‘21
Sophia Marusic | Fiction | Princeton University, ‘21
Edward Moreta Jr. | Poetry | Kenyon College, ‘22
Sophie Paquette | Nonfiction | Columbia University, ‘23
Madeleine Pulman-Jones | Poetry | University of Cambridge, ‘21
Kit Pyne-Jaeger | Fiction | Cornell University, ‘20
Grace Wang | Poetry | Columbus North High School, ‘20
Alex Zhang | Poetry | Columbia University, ‘20

Click here for a list of semifinalists and commended writers!




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