The Anthony Veasna So Scholarships

Anthony Veasna So (1992-2020) was an American writer of short stories that often drew from his upbringing as a child of Cambodian immigrants and were described by the New York Times as “crackling, kinetic and darkly comedic.” His debut short story collection, Afterparties, was published posthumously by HarperCollins in 2021 and was named a New York Times Bestseller and a winner of the National Book Critics Circle’s John Leonard Prize for Best First Book.

Anthony was not just one of the most talented new writers to grace this decade—he was also a member of the Adroit family, having served as a prose editor for four years. Anthony was as an inspiration to all of us, and to so many writers around the world. In honor of Anthony’s contribution to both the Adroit Journal‘s staff community and the world’s fiction readers, we will recognize six emerging fiction writers each year as Anthony Veasna So Scholars in Fiction.

All emerging writers who have not published full-length collections or novels are eligible (regardless of age, geographic location, or educational status), and are encouraged to submit. Writers with forthcoming debut full-length collections are eligible so long as collections won’t appear earlier than April 2023.

Anthony Veasna So Scholars receive $100 and publication of one piece from their portfolio in a future issue of the Adroit Journal. Finalists will be awarded copies of Anthony’s collection, Afterparties, and a list of semifinalists determined by the editors will be released with results.

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The deadline to submit to Veasna So Scholars 2023 was January 12, 2023. Read on for our 2023 results!

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Announcing the 2023 Veasna So Scholars in Fiction!

We are thrilled to announce our 2023 class of Anthony Veasna So Scholars in Fiction!

2023 Scholars

Vincent Chavez, of Santa Paula, California
Ani Cooney, of Los Angeles, California
Kelly X. Hui
, of Chicago, Illinois
Gracie Newman, of Austin, Texas
Tierney Oberhammer, of Brooklyn, New York
Marguerite Sheffer, of New Orleans, Louisiana

2023 Finalists

Kaya Dierks, of San Francisco, California
Jake Lancaster, of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Amy Wang, of San Diego, California

2023 Semifinalists

Catherine Bai, of Queens, New York
Kennedy Coyne, of Albany, New York
Hannah Olabosibe Eko, of La Habra, California
Cristina Fries, of San Francisco, California
Jimin Kang, of Oxford, England
Evelyn Maguire, of Amherst, Massachusetts
Alyson Mosquera Dutemple, of Metuchen, New Jersey
Naomi Shuyama-Gómez, of Morristown, New Jersey
Nick Story, of Madison, Wisconsin
Olivia Treynor, of New York, New York
Nova Wang, of Paoli, Pennsylvania

Click here for our 2023 Scholars announcement.

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Submission Guidelines

During our entry window, please send your entries via Submittable using this link.

Submissions may include up to three stories (max of 9,000 words total). Simultaneous submissions, previously published submissions, and submissions recognized by outside organizations are accepted, provided that a) a full catalogue of publication history for enclosed work is included in the submission and b) at least one piece in the submission remains unpublished. Submitters should promptly add a note to their entry on Submittable if work disclosed as unpublished is accepted elsewhere.

Writers are welcome to additionally submit enclosed work to the Adroit Prizes as well as through our general submission portal. We are also happy to consider revisions of work previously submitted to the Adroit Prizes, to the Veasna So opportunity, or through the general submissions portal (including work currently in progress or work that has recently received an editorial decision). Finally, please note that each writer may not send more than one entry per year for Djanikian Scholars.

As mentioned above, all emerging writers who have not published full-length collections are eligible (regardless of age, geographic location, or educational status), and Anthony Veasna So Scholars will receive $100 and publication in a future issue of the Adroit Journal.

We have set a non-refundable submission fee of $15. If you require financial assistance, you may submit a fee waiver with this form. Due to fee waivers’ processing time, fee waivers were only accepted until January 8, 2023 @ 11:59pm PT.

Please direct any questions to 

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