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Thank you for your interest in interviewing or reviewing for us. 

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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


We are looking for writers who hope to critically transcend, question, investigate, and explore. If this sounds like you, please email with the following materials, depending on area of interest: One previous interview (scanned or online); a resume/CV; and three ranked choices from the following list of new, recent, or forthcoming releases.

*At this time, we have an aesthetic preference for interviews.*

Please note: An author’s presence on this list does not necessarily mean they will be available for interviews at the time of (y)our inquiry.

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Please email us at to request our mailing address, to which you may send a print copy of a recent release.

*Note: An asterisk denotes that the writer is a member of the extended Adroit family.



*Hanif Abdurraqib, A Fortune for Your Disaster (Tin House Books, September 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Hanif here.

Zaina Alsous, A Theory of Birds (University of Arkansas Press, September 2019). REVIEW only; interview forthcoming.

Cameron Awkward-Rich, Dispatch (Persea Books, December 2019).

Kyce Bello, Refugia (University of Nevada Press, September 2019).

Andrés Cerpa, Bicycle in a Ransacked City: An Elegy (Alice James Books, January 2019).

Tina Chang, Hybrida (W. W. Norton & Company, May 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Alan Chazaro, This is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album (Black Lawrence Press, September 2019).

Staceyann Chin, Cross/Fire (Haymarket Books, October 2019).

Katharine Coles, Wayward (Red Hen Press, June 2019).

*Kyle Dargan, Ed., Best New Poets 2018 (Samovar Press, February 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Kyle here.

Cara Dees, Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland (Barrow Street Press, October 2019).

Toi Derricotte, I”: New and Selected Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press, March 2019).

Patrick Donnelly, Little-Known Operas (Four Way Books, February 2019).

Norman Dubie, Robert Schumann is Mad Again (Copper Canyon Press, June 2019).

Martin Jude Farawell, Odd Boy (Sibling Rivalry Press, October 2019).

Nick Flynn, I Will Destroy You (Graywolf Press, September 2019).

*Matty Layne Glasgow, deciduous qween (Red Hen Press, June 2019).

Carlos Andrés Gómez, Hijito (Platypus Press, September 2019).

Rodney Gomez, Ceremony of Sand (YesYes Books, April 2019).

*Tanya Grae, Undoll (YesYes Books, September 2019).

*Jessica Jacobs, Take Me With You, Wherever You’re Going (Four Way Books, March 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

*Julia Kolchinsky-Dasbach, The Many Names for Mother (The Kent University Press, September 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Christopher Kondrich, Valuing (University of Georgia Press, September 2019).

Alex Lemon, Another Last Day (Milkweed Editions, March 2019).

*Paige Lewis, Space Struck (Sarabande Books, October 2019).

Rose McLarneyForage (Penguin Poets, September 2019).

*Tyler Mills, Hawk Parable (University of Akron Press, April 2019).

Rosalie Moffett, Nervous System (Ecco, October 2019).

*Gala Mukomolova, Without Protection (Coffee House Press, April 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Gala here.

*Mary PeelenQuantum Heresies (Glass Lyre Press, January 2019).

Carl Phillips, Star Map with Action Figures (Sibling Rivalry Press, September 2019).

Maya Phillips, Erou (Four Way Books, September 2019).

Tommy Pico, Feed (Tin House Books, November 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Tommy here.

Daniel Poppick, Fear of Description (Penguin Random House, October 2019).

Justin Rogers, Black, Matilda (Glass Poetry Press, August 2019).

Mary Ruefle, Dunce (Wave Books, September 2019). REVIEW only.

*Lauren Sanderson, Some of the Children Were Listening (Write Bloody Publishing, April 2019).

Mahtem Shiferraw, Your Body is War (University of Nebraska Press, March 2019).

*Martha Silano, Gravity Assist (Saturnalia Books, March 2019).

Jake Skeets, Eyes Bottle Dark with a Mouthful of Flowers (Milkweed Editions, September 2019).

B. J. SoloyOur Pornography and Other Disaster Songs (Slope Editions, March 2019).

Carmen Giménez Smith, Be Recorder (Graywolf Press, August 2019).

KMA Sullivan, Inclined to Riot (Sibling Rivalry Press, May 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Malcolm Tariq, Heed the Hollow (Graywolf Press, November 2011).

Terrell Jamal Terry, Eyeless Light Seeing (Black Lawrence Press, October 2019).

Preeti Vangani, Mother Tongue Apologize (RLFPA Editions, February 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Phuong T. Vuong, The House I Inherit (Finishing Line Press, January 2019).

*John Sibley Williams, As One Fire Consumes Another (Orison Books, April 2019) and Skin Memory (Orison Books, November 2019).

*Corrie Williamson, The River Where You Forgot My Name (Southern Illinois University Press, 2019).

Matthew Zapruder, Father’s Day (Copper Canyon Press, September 2019).

Rachel Zucker, SoundMachine (Wave Books, September 2019).



Jesse Ball, Diver’s Game (HarperCollins, September 2019). REVIEW only.

Elizabeth Bryer, Translator, The Palimpsests by Aleksandra Lun (David R. Godine, October 2019).

Candice Carty-Williams, Queenie (Simon and Schuster, March 2019).

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Water Dancer (One World, September 2019).

*Courtney Craggett, Tornado Season (Black Lawrence Press, January 2019).

Sion Dayson, As A River (Jaded Ibis Press, September 2019).

Kari Dickson, Translator, Fanny and the Mystery in the Grieving Forest by Rune Christiansen (Book*hug, September 2019).

*Dana Diehl & *Melissa Goodrich, The Classroom (Gold Wake Press, January 2019).

Melissa Duclos, Besotted (7.13 Books, March 2019).

Brian Evenson, Song for the Unraveling of the World (Coffee House Press, June 2019).

Merrill Gilfillan, Talk Across Water (Flood Editions, February 2019).

Tupelo Hassman, gods with a little g (Farrar, Straus and Giroux; August 2019).

Leanne Howe, Savage Conversations (Coffee House Press, February 2019).

David H. Lynn, Children of God (Braddock Avenue Books, May 2019).

Courtney Maum, Costalegre (Tin House Books, July 2019).

Denise Newman, Translator, When Death Takes Something from You Give it Back by Naja Marie Aidt (Coffee House Press, September 2019).

Masande Ntshanga, Triangulum (Two Dollar Radio, May 2019).

Kimberly King Parsons, Black Light (Vintage Books, August 2019).

Julia Phillips, Disappearing Earth (Penguin Random House, May 2019).

Zach PowersFirst Cosmic Velocity (Penguin Random House, August 2019).

Rosie Price, What Red Was (Hogarth, August 2019).

Wendy RawlingsTime for Bed (LSU Press, August 2019).

*Aaron Robertson, Translator, Beyond Babylon by Igiaba Scego (Two Lines Press, May 2019).

Chris L. Terry, Black Card (Catapult, August 2019).

Gabriel Urza, The White Death: An Illusion (Nouvella, June 2019).

Nell Zink, Doxology (Ecco, August 2019).



Nina Boutsikaris, I’m Trying to Tell You I’m Sorry: An Intimacy Triptych (Black Lawrence Press, May 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Chris Campanioni, the Internet is for real (C&R Press, May 2019).

Heather Christle, The Crying Book (Catapult, November 2019). REVIEW only; interview forthcoming.

Tressie McMillan Cottom, THICK and Other Essays (The New Press, January 2019).

Rebecca Fishbein, Good Things Happen to People You Hate (William Morrow, October 2019).

Saeed Jones, How We Fight For Our Lives (Simon & Schuster, October 2019).

Dorothea Lasky, Animal (Wave Books, September 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Dorothea here.

Carmen Maria Machado, In the Dream House (Graywolf Press, October 2019).

Darrel J. McLeod, Mamaskatch (Milkweed Editions, July 2019).

Gregory OrrThe Blessing (Milkweed Editions, August 2019).

Jess Row, White Flights (Graywolf Press, August 2019).

Brandon Shimoda, The Grave on the Wall (City Lights Publishers, July 2019).

Nikesh Shukla and Chimene Suleyman, Editors, The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America (Little, Brown and Company, February 2019).

Elissa Washuta and Theresa Warburton, Editors, Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers (University of Washington Press, July 2019). Read an interview with Elissa here.



Chad Sweeney (Poetry)
Mary Biddinger (Poetry)
Gillian Cummings (Poetry)
Hanif Abdurraqib (Non-Fiction)
Christian Kiefer (Fiction)
Brad Felver (Fiction)
Jane Lewty and Dora Malech (Poetry)
Thomas March (Poetry)
John McCarthy (Poetry)
Ariana Reines (Poetry)
Tanya Olson (Poetry)
Grady Chambers (Poetry)
Kristen Arnett (Fiction)
Grace Shuyi Liew (Poetry)
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