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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


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Sarah Ghazal Ali, Theophanies (Alice James Books, January 2024).

Kimberly Alidio, Teeter (Nightboat Books, August 2023).

Alise Alousi, What to Count (Wayne State University Press, August 2023).

Subhaga Crystal Bacon, Transitory (BOA, November 2023).

Mary Jo Bang, A Film in Which I Play Everyone (Graywolf Press, September 2023).

Courtney Bush, I Love Information (Milkweed, August 2023).

Adrienne Chung, Organs of Little Importance (Penguin Poets, October 2023).

Jennifer Conlon, Taking to Water (The University of Chicago Press, December 2023).

Clark Coolidge, The Crystal Text (City Lights, November 2023).

Armen Davoudian, The Palace of Forty Pillars (Tin House, March 2024).

Danielle Cadena Deulen, Desire Museum (BOA, October 2023).

Sean Thomas Dougherty, Death Prefers the Minor Keys (BOA, September 2023).

JJJJJerome Ellis, Aster of Ceremonies (Milkweed, September 2023).

Lynn Emanuel, Transcript of the Disappearance, Exact and Diminishing (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2023).

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, I Don’t Want to Be Understood (Alice James Books, August 2024).

Nick Flynn, Low (Graywolf Press, November 2023).

Beatrix Gates, The Burning Key: New & Selected Poems (1973-2023) (Thera Books, August, 2023).

Matthew Gellman, Night Logic (Tupelo Press, August 2023).

Jasmine Gibson, A Beauty Has Come (Nightboat Books, August 2033). Richard Hamilton, Discordant (The University of Chicago Press, December 2023).

Elton Glaser, Ghost Variations (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2023).

India Lena González, fox woman get out! (BOA, September 2023).

Saskia Hamilton, All Souls (Graywolf Press, October 2023). 

Bob Hicok, Water Look Away (Copper Canyon Press, August 2023).

Brionne Janae, Because You Were Mine (Haymarket Books, July 2023).

Yalie Saweda Kamara, Besaydoo (Milkweed, January 2024).

David Keplinger, Ice (Milkweed, August 2023).

Noelle Kocot, Ascent of the Mothers (Wave Books, November 2023).

D. Lauren-Abunassar, Coriolis (The University of Arkansas Press, November 2023).

Willie Lee Kinard III, Orders of Service (Alice James Books, November 2023).

Mike Lala, The Unreal City (Tupelo Press, July 2023).

Dorothea Lasky, The Shining (Wave Books, October 2023).

Willie Lin, Conversation Among Stones (BOA, November 2023).

Erin Marie Lynch, Removal Acts (Graywolf Press, October 2023). 

Joyce Mansour, Emerald Wounds: Selected Poems (City Lights, July 2023).

J. Michael Martinez, Tarta Americana (Penguin Poets, September 2023).

Sally Wen Mao, The Kingdom of Surfaces (Graywolf Press, August 2023).

Anthony McCann, I am the dead, who, you take care of me (Wave Books, November 2023).

Jane Miller, Paper Banners (Copper Canyon, November 2023).

Laura Mullen, EtC (Solid Objects, November 2023).

Sahar Muradi, Octobers (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2023).

Marsha de la O, Creature (University of Pittsburgh Press, January 2024)

Sheena Patel, I’m a Fan (Graywolf Press, September 2023). 

Brynn Saito, Under a Future Sky (Red Hen Press, August 2023).

Brian Turner, The Wild Delight of Wild Things (Alice James Books, August 2023).

Brian Turner, The Goodbye World Poem (Alice James Books, September 2023).

Brian Turner, The Dead Peasant’s Handbook (Alice James Books, October 2023).

Tana Jean Welch, In Parachutes Descending (University of Pittsburgh Press, January 2024).

Michael Wiegers and Kaci X. Tavares, eds., Come Shining: More Poems and Stories from Fifty Years of Copper Canyon Press (Copper Canyon Press, September 2023).



Joe Baumann, Where Can I Take You When There’s Nowhere To Go (BOA, October 2023).

Rebekah Bergman, The Museum of Human History (Tin House, August 2023). 

Elizabeth Brooks, The House in the Orchard (Tin House, October 2023).

Elizabeth Brooks, The Woman in the Sable Coat (Tin House, March 2024).

Amber Caron, Call Up the Waters (Milkweed, July 2023).

Myriam J. A. Chancy, Village Weavers (Tin House, April 2024).

Jennifer duBois, The Last Language (Milkweed, October 2023).

James W. Jennings, Wings of Red (Soft Skull Press, July 2023).

Lee Klein, Chaotic Good (Sagging Meniscus Press, July 2023).

E.J. Koh, The Liberators (Tin House, November 2023).

Uche Okonkwo, A Kind of Madness (Tin House, April 2024).

Andrés N. Ordorica, How We Named the Stars (Tin House, February 2024).

Per Petterson, trans. Ingvild Burkey, Men in My Situation (Graywolf Press, July 2023).

Cleo Qian, LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO (Tin House, August 2023).

Anbara Salam, Hazardous Spirits (Tin House, October 2023).

Alexis M. Smith, Glaciers (Tin House, July 2023).

Shilpi Suneja, House of Caravans (Milkweed, September 2023).

Mandy-Suzanne Wong, The Box (Graywolf Press, September 2023).



Miriam Darlington, Otter Country (Tin House, February 2024).

Athena Dixon, The Loneliness Files (Tin House, October 2023).

Kerri ní Dochartaigh, Cacophony of Bone (Milkweed, November 2023).

J. Robert Lennon and Carmen Maria Machado, Critical Hits (Graywolf Press, November 2023).

Gail Scott, Furniture Music (Wave Books, October 2023).

Julie Myerson, Nonfiction: A Novel (Tin House, January 2024).

Roger Reeves, Dark Days (Graywolf Press, August 2023).

Tim Robinson, The Last Pool of Darkness (Milkweed, November 2023).

Mary Ruefle, The Book (Wave Books, September 2023).

Elizabeth Rush, The Quickening (Milkweed, August 2023).

Gail Scott, Furniture Music (Wave Books, October 2023).

Richard Wagamese, Walking the Ojibwe Path (Milkweed, July 2023).



Olivia Muenz (Poetry, Conversation)
Catherine Esposito Prescott (Poetry, Review)
Tim Z. Hernandez (Poetry, Conversation)
Davon Loeb (Nonfiction, Review)
Tucker Leighty-Phillips (Fiction, Review)