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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


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Andrea Abi-Karam, Villainy (Nightboat Books, September 2021).

Carl Adamshick, Hotel (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Kemi Alabi, Against Heaven (Graywolf, April 2022).

Kazim Ali (Editor), New Moons: Contemporary Writing by North American Muslims (Red Hen Press, October 2021).

Raymond Antrobus, All The Names Given (Tin House, November 2021).

Derrick Austin, Tenderness (BOA, September 2021).

Ari Banias, A Symmetry, (W.W. Norton, October 2021).

Michael Bazzett, The Echo Chamber (Milkweed, October 2021).

Joshua Beckman (int. Tomaž Šalamun), Tomaž (Wave Books, November 2021).

Frank Bidart, Against Silence (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 2021).

Andrea Carter Brown, September 12 (Small Press Distribution, September 2021).

Monica Byrne, The Actual Star (HarperCollins, September 2021).

CAConrad, AMANDA PARADISE: Resurrect Extinct Vibration (Wave Books, September 2021).

Garrett Caples, Lovers of Today (Wave Books, October 2021).

Jesús Castillo, Two Murals (The Song Cave, October 2021).

Jos Charles, A Year & Other Poems (Milkweed, March 2022).

Cody-Rose Clevidence, Aux Ark Trypt Ich (Nightboat Books, October 2021).

Peter Coyote, Tongue of a Crow (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Mai Der Vang, Yellow Rain (Graywolf, September 2021).

Diane Di Prima, Revolutionary Letters: 50th Anniversary Edition: Pocket Poets Series No. 27 (City Lights, October 2021).

Tongo Eisen-Martin, Blood on the Fog (City Lights, September 2021).

Chiyuma Elliot, Blue in Green (University of Chicago Press, August 2021).

B.K. Fischer, Ceive (BOA, September 2021).

Jonathan Galassi & Robyn Creswell (eds.), The FSG Poetry Anthology (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, November 2021).

Andrea Gibson, You Better Be Lightning (Button Poetry, November 2021).

Carolyn Guinzio,  A Vertigo Book (The Word Works, September 2021).

Marilyn Hacker & Karthika Naïr, A Different Distance: A Renga (Milkweed Editions, December 2021).

Carlie Hoffman, This Alaska (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Joan Houlihan, It Isn’t a Ghost if It Lives in Your Chest (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Troy Jollimore, Earthly Delights (Princeton Univ., September 2021).

Quincy Scott Jones, How to Kill Yourself Instead of Your Children (C&R Press, October 2021).

Zilka Joseph, In Our Beautiful Bones (Mayapple Press, August 2021).

Casey Jueds, The Thicket (University of Pittsburgh, November 2021).

Joan Naviyuk Kane, Dark Traffic (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2021).

Laura Kolbe, Little Pharma (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2021).

Ae Hee Lee, Connotary (Bull City Press, October 2021).

Sandra Lim, The Curious Thing (W. W. Norton, September 2021).

Rachel Long, My Darling from the Lions (Tin House, September 2021).

Antonio de Jesús López, Gentefication (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Aurielle Marie, Gumbo Ya Ya (University of Pittsburgh, September 2021).

Shara McCallum, No Ruined Stone (Alice James Books, August 2021).

Madison McCartha, FREAKOPHONE WORLD (Inside the Castle, August 2021).

Matt W. Miller, Tender the River (Texas Review Press, April 2021).

Rajiv Mohabir, Cutlish (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Amanda Moore, Requeening (Ecco, October 2021).

Kimberly O’Connor, White Lung (Saturnalia Books, October 2021).

Oscar Oswald, Irredenta (Nightboat Books, October 2021).

Jenny Qi, Focal Point (Steel Toe Books, October 2021).

Stephanie Rogers, Fat Girl Forms (Saturnalia Books, October 2021).

Patrick Rosal, The Last Thing (Persea, September 2021).

Arra Lynn Ross, Day of the Child (Milkweed Editions, November 2021).

Maxine Scates, My Wilderness (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2021).

Solmaz Sharif, Customs (Graywolf, March 2022).

Cedar Sigo, All This Time (Wave Books, October 2021).

Anya Krugovoy Silver, Saint Agnostica (LSU Press, September 2021).

Tom Sleigh, The King’s Touch (Graywolf, February 2022).

Lisa Russ Spaar, Madrigalia: New and Selected Poems (Persea, November 2021).

Bianca Stone, What is Otherwise Infinite (Tinhouse, January 2022).

Sam Taylor, The Book of Fools: An Essay in Memoir and Verse (Negative Capability Press, October 2021).

Cammy Thomas, Tremors (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Fernando Valverde, America (Copper Canyon, September 2021).

Jan Verberkmoes, Firewatch (Fonograf Editions, December 2021).

Devon Walker-Figueroa, Philomath (Milkweed, September 2021).

Holly Lyn Walrath, The Smallest of Bones (Clash Books, October 2021).

Natalie Wee, Beast At Every Threshold (Arsenal Pulp Press, March 2022).

Bruce Willard, In Light of Stars (Four Way Books, September 2021).

Jane Wong, How Not to Be Afraid of Everything (Alice James, October 2021).



Myriam J.A. Chancy, What Storm, What Thunder (Tin House, October 2021).

YZ Chin, Edge Case (Ecco, August 2021).

Percival Everett, The Trees (Graywolf, September 2021).

Kim Fu, Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century: Stories (Tin House, February 2022).

Savannah Johnston, Rites: Stories (Jaded Ibis Press, September 2021).

Eugene Lim, Search History (Coffee House, October 2021).

Jo Lloyd, Something Wonderful (Tin House, August 2021).

Noor Naga, If an Egyptian Cannot Speak English (Graywolf, April 2022).

Paraic O’Donnell, The Maker of Swans: A Novel (Tin House, June 2022).

Joanna Pearson, Now You Know It All (University of Pittsburgh, October 2021).

Per Petterson, Echoland (Graywolf, February 2022).

Per Petterson, Men in My Situation (Graywolf, February 2022).

Anthony Veasna So, Afterparties: Stories (Ecco, August 2021).

Irene Solà (trans. Mara Faye Lethem), When I Sing, Mountains Dance (Graywolf, March 2022).

Morgan Talty, Night of the Living Rez: Stories (Tin House, July 2022).

Kyle Lucia Wu, Win Me Something (Tin House, November 2021).

Hananah Zaheer, Lovebirds (Bull City Press, October 2021).



Annabel Abbs, WINDSWEPT: Walking the Paths of Trailblazing Women (Tin House, September 2021).

Jan Beatty, American Bastard (Red Hen Press, October 2021).

Peter Ho Davies, The Art of Revision: The Last Word (Graywolf, November 2021).

Kathryn Davis, Aurelia, Aurélia (Graywolf, March 2022).

Lawrence Jackson, Shelter (Graywolf, April 2022).

Kristin Keane, An Encyclopedia of Bending Time, (Barrelhouse Books, April 2022).

Sarah Krasnostein, The Believer: Encounters with the Beginning, the End, and Our Place in the Middle (Tin House, March 2022).

Courtney Maum, The Year of the Horses: A Memoir (Tin House, May 2022).

Ira Sukrungruang, This Jade World (University of Nebraska Press, October 2021).

Saša Stanišić, WHERE YOU COME FROM: A Novel (Tin House, December 2021).



Esteban Rodríguez (Poetry, Review)
Adam Davis (Nonfiction, Review)
Katherine E. Young (Poetry, Review)
Elizabeth Marie Bolaños (Poetry, Conversation)
Dolapo Demuren (Poetry, Conversation)