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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


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*Note: An asterisk denotes that the writer is a member of the extended Adroit family.



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Richard Wagamese, For Joshua (Milkweed Editions, April 2020). REVIEW only.

Elissa WashutaWhite Magic (Tin House, April 2021).



Emma Ramadan (Fiction, Translation; Conversation)
Ilya Kaminsky (Poetry, Review)
Lidia Yuknavitch (Fiction, Conversation)
Elizabeth Holmes (Poetry, Review)
Jeff Alessandrelli (Poetry, Conversation)
Brandon Taylor
(Fiction, Conversation)
Kwame Dawes (Poetry, Review)
Clancy McGilligan (Fiction, Conversation)
Emily Hunt (Poetry, Conversation)
Elizabeth Bryer (Fiction, Tranlsation; Conversation)
Hannah Brooks-Motl (Poetry, Review)
Kyce Bello (Poetry, Conversation)
Jenny Molberg (Poetry, Review)
Tanya Grae (Poetry, Conversation)
Nicolette Polek (Fiction, Conversation)