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“Jump” by Chloe Kang

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Zaina Alsous, A Theory of Birds (University of Arkansas Press, September 2019). REVIEW only; read an interview with Zaina here.

Amanda Auerbach, What Need Have We For Such as We (C&R Press, November 2019).

Cameron Awkward-Rich, Dispatch (Persea Books, December 2019).

*Graham Barnhart, The War Makes Everyone Lonely (University of Chicago Press, September 2019).

Kyce Bello, Refugia (University of Nevada Press, September 2019).

*Oliver Baez Bendorf, Advantages of Being Evergreen (CSU Poetry Center, September 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Travesty Generator (Noemi Press, December 2019).

Ryan Black, The Tenant of Fire (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2019).

*Conor Bracken, Translator, Scorpionic Sun by Mohammed Khair-Eddine (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, September 2019).

Tina Chang, Hybrida (W. W. Norton & Company, May 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Alan Chazaro, This is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album (Black Lawrence Press, September 2019).

Staceyann Chin, Cross/Fire (Haymarket Books, October 2019).

Lucas Crawford, Belated Bris of the Brainsick (Nightwood Editions, October 2019).

Cara Dees, Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland (Barrow Street Press, October 2019).

Norman Dubie, Robert Schumann is Mad Again (Copper Canyon Press, June 2019).

Martin Jude Farawell, Odd Boy (Sibling Rivalry Press, October 2019).

*Matty Layne Glasgow, deciduous qween (Red Hen Press, June 2019).

*Tanya Grae, Undoll (YesYes Books, September 2019).

*Julia Kolchinsky-Dasbach, The Many Names for Mother (The Kent University Press, September 2019). INTERVIEW only; review forthcoming.

Koets, Julia, The Rib Joint (Red Hen Press, November 2019).

Christopher Kondrich, Valuing (University of Georgia Press, September 2019).

*Michael Lee, The Only Worlds We Know (Button Poetry, August 2019).

Rebecca LehmannRinger (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2019).

Zefyr Lisowski, Blood Box (Black Lawrence Press, October 2019).

Jill McDonough, Here All Night (Alice James Books, September 2019).

*Tyler Mills, Hawk Parable (University of Akron Press, April 2019).

Rosalie Moffett, Nervous System (Ecco, October 2019).

Popa, Maya C., American Faith (Sarabande Books, November 2019).

Justin Rogers, Black, Matilda (Glass Poetry Press, August 2019).

*Lauren Sanderson, Some of the Children Were Listening (Write Bloody Publishing, April 2019).

Molly Spencer, If the House (University of Wisconsin Press, October 2019).

Nicole Stockburger, Nowhere Beulah (Unicorn Press, November 2019).

Malcolm Tariq, Heed the Hollow (Graywolf Press, November 2011).

Terrell Jamal Terry, Eyeless Light Seeing (Black Lawrence Press, October 2019).

Jeffrey Thomson, Half/Life: New and Selected Poems (Alice James Books, October 2019).

*John Sibley Williams, Skin Memory (Orison Books, November 2019).

Matthew Zapruder, Father’s Day (Copper Canyon Press, September 2019).



Elizabeth Bryer, Translator, The Palimpsests by Aleksandra Lun (David R. Godine, October 2019).

Kalisha Bukhanon, Speaking of Summer (Counterpoint Press, July 2019).

Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Water Dancer (One World, September 2019).

*Courtney Craggett, Tornado Season (Black Lawrence Press, January 2019).

Kari Dickson, Translator, Fanny and the Mystery in the Grieving Forest by Rune Christiansen (Book*hug, September 2019).

*Dana Diehl & *Melissa Goodrich, The Classroom (Gold Wake Press, January 2019).

*Thomas Kearnes, Texas Crude (Lethe Press, March 2019).

David H. Lynn, Children of God (Braddock Avenue Books, May 2019).

Courtney Maum, Costalegre (Tin House Books, July 2019).

Masande Ntshanga, Triangulum (Two Dollar Radio, May 2019).

Kimberly King Parsons, Black Light (Vintage Books, August 2019).

Xandria Phillips, HULL (Nightboat Books, October 2019).

Zach PowersFirst Cosmic Velocity (Penguin Random House, August 2019).

Wendy RawlingsTime for Bed (LSU Press, August 2019).

*Aaron Robertson, Translator, Beyond Babylon by Igiaba Scego (Two Lines Press, May 2019).

Chris L. Terry, Black Card (Catapult, August 2019).

Gabriel Urza, The White Death: An Illusion (Nouvella, June 2019).

Jennifer WortmanThis. This. This. is. Love. Love. Love (Split Lip Press, May 2019).



Chris Campanioni, the Internet is for real (C&R Press, May 2019).

Rebecca Fishbein, Good Things Happen to People You Hate (William Morrow, October 2019).

Darrel J. McLeod, Mamaskatch (Milkweed Editions, July 2019).

Andre Perry, Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now (Two Dollar Radio, November 2019).

Jenny Heijun Wills, Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. (Penguin Random House Canada, September 2019).



Brenda Shaughnessy (Poetry, Review)
Olivia Gatwood (Poetry, Conversation)
Eve L. Ewing (Poetry, Review)
Fatimah Asghar, Editor (Poetry, Conversation)
Zahra Hankir, Editor (Non-Fiction, Conversation)
Emily Nussbaum (Non-Fiction, Review)
Adeeba Shahid Talukder (Poetry, Conversation)
Sarah Rose Etter (Fiction, Conversation)
Nomi Stone (Poetry, Conversation)
Owen McLeod (Poetry, Review)
Mario Chard (Poetry, Conversation)
Carolyne Wright (Poetry, Conversation)
Molly Gaudry (Poetry, Conversation)
Ocean Vuong (Fiction, Review)
Aidan Forster (Poetry, Conversation)