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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


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Andrea Abi-Karam, Villainy (Nightboat Books, September 2021).

Raymond AntrobusThe Perserverance (Tin House, March 2021).

Ari Banias, A Symmetry, (W.W. Norton, October 2021).

The Bauhina Project, Hong Kong Without US (University of Georgia, April 2021).

Elizabeth Brooks, The Whispering Horse (Tin House, May 2021).

CM BurroughsMaster Suffering (Tupelo Press, January 2021).

Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Water I Won’t Touch (Copper Canyon Press, April 2021).

Andres Cerpa, The Vault (Alice James Books, June 2021).

Cody-Rose Clevidence, Aux Ark Trypt Ich (Nightboat Books, October 2021).

Alex DimitrovLove and Other Poems (Copper Canyon Press, February 2021).

Hilary Vaughn Dobel, The Messerschmidt Poems (Platypus Press, March 2021).

Carlina Duan, Alien Miss (University of Wisconsin, March 2021).

Denise Duhamel, Second Story (University of Pittsburgh, March 2021).

Kate Durbin, Hoarders (Wave Books, May 2021).

Tongo Eisen-Martin, Blood on the Fog (City Lights, September 2021).

Chiyuma Elliot, Blue in Green (University of Chicago Press, 2021).

Ben Estes and Joel Weishaus, On the Mesa: An Anthology of Bolinas Writing (50th Anniversity Edition) (The Song Cave, June 2021).

Karen Fish, No Chronology (University of Chicago, March 2021).

Diamond Forde, Mother Body (Saturnalia, March 2021).

Carrie Fountain, The Life (Penguin, July 2021).

Carribean Fragoza, Eat the Mouth that Feeds You (City Lights, March 2021).

Rebecca Morgan Frank, Oh You Robot Saints! (Carnegie Mellon, February 2021).

Shanta Lee Gander, Ghetto Claustrophobia (Diode Editions, June 2021).

Amy Gerstler, Index of Women (Penguin Poets, April 2021).

Reginald Gibbons, Renditions (Four Way Books, 2021).

Jules Gibbs, snakes & babies (The Sheep Meadow Press, January 2021).

Andrea Gibson, You Better Be Lightning (Button Poetry, November 2021).

Benjamin S. Grossberg & Claire Rossini (eds.)The Poetry of Capital (University of Wisconsin Press, January 2021).

Miah Jeffra, Monique Mero-Williams, & Arisa White (eds.), Home Is Where You Queer Your Heart (Foglifter Press, March 2021).

June Jordan, The Essential June Jordan (Copper Canyon Press, May 2021).

Joan Naviyuk Kane, Dark Traffic (University of Pittsburgh Press, September 2021).

Douglas Kearney, SHO (Wave Books, April 2021).

Donika Kelly, The Renunciations (Graywolf, May 2021).

Sally Rosen Kindred, Where the Wolf (Diode Editions, June 2021).

Rosamond King, All the Rage (Nightboat, April 2021).

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe KingsleyDēmos (Milkweed Editions, March 2021).

Laura Kolbe, Little Pharma (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2021).

Benjamin Landry, Mercies in the American Desert (LSU Press, March 2021).

Grace Lau, The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak (Guernica, June 2021).

Sandra Lim, The Curious Thing (W. W. Norton, September 2021).

Jasmine MansBlack Girl, Call Home (Penguin Random House, March 2021).

Adrian Matejka, Somebody Else Sold the World (Penguin, July 2021)

Shara McCallum, No Ruined Stone (Alice James Books, August, 2021).

Michael McClure, Mule Kick Blues (City Lights, April 2021).

Michael McGriff, Eternal Sentences (University of Arkansas, April 2021).

Anna Meister, What Nothing (Sundress Publications, January 2021).

Wayne Miller, We the Jury (Milkweed Editions, March 2021).

Mihaela Mouscaliuc, Cemetery Ink (University of Pittsburgh, April, 2021).

Andrew Motion, Randomly Moving Particles (University of Pittsburgh, March 2021).

Christopher Nelson, Blood Aria (University of Wisconsin, 2021).

Geoffrey Nutter, Giant Moth Perishes (Wave Books, May 2021).

Britton Shurley, Spinning the Vast Fantastic (Bull City Press, February 2021).

Rainie Oet, Glorious Veils of Diane (Carnegie Mellon, February 2021).

Gilian Osbourne, Green Green Green (Nightboat Books, July 2021).

Kathleen Ossip, July (Sarabande, June 2021).

Oscar Oswald, Irredenta (Nightboat Books, October 2021).

Isaac Pickell, Everything Saved Will Be Last (Black Lawrence Press, March 2021).

Kevin Prufer, The Art of Fiction (Four Way Books, 2021).

Paige Quiñones, The Best Prey (Pleiades Press, 2021).

Barbara Ras, The Blues of Heaven (University of Pittsburgh, March 2021).

Donald Revell, White Campion (Alice James Books, May 2021).

Patrick Rosal, The Last Thing (Persea, September 2021).

Arra Lynn Ross, Day of the Child (Milkweed, November 2021).

C.T. Salazar, American Cavewall Sonnets (Bull City Press, February, 2021).

Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, Hysterical Water (University of Georgia, March 2021).

Maureen Seaton, Undersea (JackLeg Press, February 2021).

Maxine Scates, My Wilderness (University of Pittsburgh Press, October 2021).

Natalie ShaperoPopular Longing (Copper Canyon Press, February 2021).

Peter Jay Shippy, Kaputniks (Saturnalia, March 2021).

Cedar Sigo, Guard the Mysteries (Wave Books, June 2021).

Brian Simoneau, No Small Comfort (Black Lawrence Press, June 2021).

Moheb Soliman, Homes (Coffee House Press, June 2021).

Ilan Stavans, Selected Translations (University of Pittsburgh, February 2021).

Lisa Summe, Say It Hurts (YesYes Books, January 2021).

Cole Swensen, Art In Time (Nightboat Books, March 2021).

Hannah Vanderhart, What Pecan Light (Bull City Press, 2021).

Robert Vander Molen, Skin (Milkweed, 2021).

Divya Victor, Curb (Nightboat, April 2021).

G.C. Waldrep, The Earliest Witnesses (Tupelo Press, January 2021).

Nikki Wallschaeger, Waterbaby (Copper Canyon Press, April 2021).

Jonathan Weinert, A Slow Green Sleep (Saturnalia, March 2021).

Marjorie Welish, A Complex Sentence (Coffee House Press, May 2021).

Cheryl Wilder, Anything That Happens (Press 53, March 2021).

Caki Wilkinson, The Survival Expo (Persea, June 2021).

Robert Wrigley, Nemerov’s Door (Tupelo Press, April 2021).

C. Dale Young, Prometeo (Four Way Books, 2021).



Maria Adelmann, Girls of a Certain Age (Little, Brown, February 2021).

Elizabeth BrooksThe Whispering House (Tin House, March 2021).

Dario DiofebiParadise, Nevada (Bloomsbury, April 2021).

María José Ferrada (trans. Elizabeth Bryer)How to Order the Universe (Tin House, February 2021).

Forsyth HarmonJustine (Tin House, March 2021).

Gabriel KrauzeWho They Was (Bloomsbury Publishing, June 2021).

Pedro Mairal (trans. Jennifer Croft), The Woman from Uuguay (Bloomsbury Publishing, July 2021).

Keenan Norris, The Confession of Copeland Cane (Unnamed Press, June 2021).

Paraic O’DonnellThe House on Vesper Sands (Tin House, January 2021).

N/A Oparah, Thick Skin (KERNPUNKT Press, April 2021).

Eman QuotahBride of the Sea (Tin House, January 2021).

Diane Wilson, The Seed Keeper (Milkweed Editions, March 2021).



Allison Cobb, Plastic: an autobiography (Nightboat Books, April 2021).

Beth KephartWife | Daughter | Self: A Memoir in Essays (Forest Avenue Press, March 2021).

Candace Jane OpperCertain & Impossible Events (Kore Press, January 2021).

Elissa WashutaWhite Magic (Tin House, April 2021).



Emma Ramadan (Fiction, Translation; Conversation)
Ilya Kaminsky (Poetry, Review)
Lidia Yuknavitch (Fiction, Conversation)
Elizabeth Holmes (Poetry, Review)
Jeff Alessandrelli (Poetry, Conversation)
Brandon Taylor
(Fiction, Conversation)
Kwame Dawes (Poetry, Review)
Clancy McGilligan (Fiction, Conversation)
Emily Hunt (Poetry, Conversation)
Elizabeth Bryer (Fiction, Tranlsation; Conversation)
Hannah Brooks-Motl (Poetry, Review)
Kyce Bello (Poetry, Conversation)
Jenny Molberg (Poetry, Review)
Tanya Grae (Poetry, Conversation)
Nicolette Polek (Fiction, Conversation)