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“Jump” by Chloe Kang


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Kweku Abimbola, Saltwater Demands a Psalm (Graywolf Press, April 2023).

Sarah Ghazal Ali, Theophanies (Alice James Books, January 2024).

Kimberly Alidio, Teeter (Nightboat Books, August 2023).

Bruce Beasley, Prayershreds (Orison Books, April 2023).

Heather Bourbeau, Monarch (Cornerstone Press, March 2023).

Ana Božičević, New Life (Wave Books, April 2023).

S.T. Brant, Melody in Exile (Atmosphere Press, November 2022).

Chee Brossy, The Strings Are Lightning and Hold You In (Tupelo Press, November 2022).

Ina Cariño, Feast (Alice James, March 2023).

Emily Carlson, Why Misread a Cloud (Tupelo Press, November 2022).

Anne Casey and Heather Bourbeau, Some Days the Bird (Beltway Editions, December 2022).

Abigail Chabitnoy, In the Current Where Drowning Is Beautiful (Wesleyan University Press, November 2022).

Chia-Lun Chang, Prescribee (Nightboat Books, November 2022).

Leila Chatti, Figment (Bull City Press, November 2022).

Adrienne Chung, Organs of Little Importance (Penguin Poets, October 2023).

Gillian Conoley, Notes from the Passenger (Nightboat Books, May 2023).  

Michael Earl Craig, Iggy Horse (Wave Books, April 2023).

Timothy Donnelly, Chariot (Wave Books, May 2023).

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, I Don’t Want to Be Understood (Alice James Books, August 2024).

Katie Farris, Standing in the Forest of Being Alive (Alice James Books, April 2023).

Orides Fontela, trans. Chris Daniels, One Impossible Step (Nightboat Books, March 2023).

Jennifer Franklin, If Some God Shakes Your House (Four Way Books, March 2023).

Kay Gabriel, A Queen in Bucks County (Nightboat Books, November 2022).

Kay Gabriel, Kissing Other People or the House of Fame (Nightboat Books, April 2023). 

Jeannine Hall Gailey, Flare, Corona (BOA Editions, May 2023).

Forrest Gander, Knot (Copper Canyon Press, November 2022). 

Jasmine Gibson, A Beauty Has Come (Nightboat Books, August 2033). 

Dana Gioia, Meet Me at the Lighthouse (Graywolf Press, February 2023).

Jennifer Grotz, Still Falling (Graywolf Press, May 2023).

Terrance Hayes, So to Speak (Penguin Poets, July 2023).

Kevin Holden, Pink Noise (Nightboat Books, April 2023).

Mark Hyatt, ed. Sam Ladkin and Luke Roberts, So Much For Life: Selected Poems (Nightboat Books, May 2023).

Jennifer Jean, Voz (Lily Poetry Review Books, March 2023).

Janine Joseph, Decade of the Brain: Poems (Alice James Books, January 2023).

Douglas Kearney, Optic Subwoof (Wave Books, November 2022).

Vandana Khanna, Burning Like Her Own Planet (Alice James Books, April 2023).

Willie Lee Kinard III, Orders of Service (Alice James Books, November 2023).

Irena Klepfisz, Her Birth and Later Years: New and Collected Poems, 1971-2021 (Wesleyan University Press, December 2022).

Ann Lauterbach, Door (Penguin Poets, March 2023).

Emily Lee Luan, 回 / Return (Nightboat Books, April 2023). 

J. Michael Martinez, Tarta Americana (Penguin Poets, September 2023).

Sally Wen Mao, The Kingdom of Surfaces (Graywolf Press, August 2023).

Jill McDonough, American Treasure (Alice James Books, November 2022).

David Melnick, ed. Alison Fraser, Benjamin Friedlander, Jeffrey Jullich, and Ron Silliman, Nice (Nightboat Books, March 2023).

Fred Moten, perennial fashion presence falling (Wave Books, May 2023).

Alicia Mountain, Four in Hand (BOA Editions, April 2023).

Alycia Pirmohamed, Another Way to Split Water (YesYes Books, November 2022). 

Emily Pittinos, Animal, Roadkill, Ashes, Gone (Bull City Press, November 2022).

Kevin Powell, Grocery Shopping with My Mother (Soft Skull Press, December 2022).

Margaret Ray, Good Grief, the Ground (BOA Editions, April 2023).

Amy Roa, Radioactive Wolves (Steel Toe Books, February 2023).

Pattiann Rogers, Flickering (Penguin Poets, April 2023).

Anna V. Q. Ross, Flutter, Kick (Red Hen, November 2022).

Lindsey Royce, The Book of John (Press 53, April 2023).

Robyn Schiff, Information Desk (Penguin Poets, August 2023).

Charif Shanahan, Trace Evidence (Tin House, March 2023).

Mahtem Shiferraw, Nomenclatures of Invisibility (BOA Editions, April 2023).

Brandon Shimoda, Hydra Medusa (Nightboat Books, June 2023).

Sandra Simonds, Triptychs (Wave Books, November 2022).

Eric Sneathen, Don’t Leave Me This Way (Nightboat Books, June 2023). 

Jessica Q. Stark, Buffalo Girl (BOA Editions, April 2023).

Dior J. Stephens, CRUEL/CRUEL (Nightboat Books, March 2023).

Brian Turner, The Wild Delight of Wild Things (Alice James Books, August 2023).

Brian Turner, The Goodbye World Poem (Alice James Books, September 2023).

Brian Turner, The Dead Peasant’s Handbook (Alice James Books, October 2023).

Claire Wahmanholm, Meltwater (Milkweed, March 2023).

Kelly Weber, We Are Changed to Deer at the Broken Place (Tupelo Press, December 2022).

Candance Williams, I am the Most Dangerous Thing (Alice James Books, May 2023).

Jameka Williams, American Sex Tape (University of Wisconsin Press, November 2022).

Adam Wolfond, The Wanting Way (Milkweed, November 2022).

Monica Youn, From From (Graywolf Press, March 2023).

Lillian Yvonne-Bertram, Negative Money (Soft Skull Press, June 2023).



Jeffery Renard Allen, Fat Time and Other Stories (Graywolf Press, June 2023).

Nathacha Appanah, trans. Geoffrey Strachan, The Sky above the Roof (Graywolf Press, April 2023).

Kashana Cauley, The Survivalists (Soft Skull Press, January 2023).

Tiffany Clarke Harrison, Blue Hour (Soft Skull Press, April 2023). 

Yuri Herrera, trans. Lisa Dillman, Ten Planets (Graywolf Press, May 2023).

Katie Holten, The Language of Trees (Tin House, April 2023).

James W. Jennings, Wings of Red (Soft Skull Press, July 2023).

George Looney, The Visibility of Things Long Submerged (BOA Editions, April 2023).

Madelaine Lucas, Thirst for Salt (Tin House, March 2023).

Aurora Mattia, The Fifth Wound (Nightboat Books, March 2023).

Oindrila Mukerjee, The Dream Builders (Tin House, January 2023). 

Per Petterson, trans. Ingvild Burkey, Men in My Situation (Graywolf Press, July 2023).

Max Porter, Shy (Graywolf Press, May 2023).

Hugh Sheehy, Design Flaw (Acre Books, November 2022).

Dorothy Tse, trans. Natascha Bruce, Owlish (Graywolf Press, June 2023).

Isabel Waidner, Sterling Karat Gold (Graywolf Press, February 2023).

Colin Winnette, Users (Soft Skull Press, February 2023).

De’Shawn Charles Winslow, Decent People (Bloomsbury, January 2023).



Will Betke-Brunswick, A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings (Tin House, November 2022).

Tsitsi Dangarembga, Black and Female (Graywolf Press, January 2023).

Miriam Darlington, The Wise Hours (Tin House, February 2023).

Karen Fastrup, trans. Marina Allemano, Hunger Heart (Book*hug Press, November 2022).

Davon Loeb, The In-Betweens: A Lyrical Memoir (West Virginia University Press, February 2023).

Sabrina Orah Mark, Happily (Random House, March 2023).

Robin Pecknold, Wading in Waist-High Water: The Lyrics of Fleet Foxes (Tin House, November 2022). 

Roger Reeves, Dark Days (Graywolf Press, August 2023).

V, Reckoning (Bloomsbury, January 2023).

Rachel Zucker, The Poetics of Wrongness (Wave Books, February 2023).


Cyrus Cassells (Poetry, Conversation)
Talia Lakshmi Kolluri (Fiction, Review)
Raena Shirali (Poetry, Conversation)
Joseph Fasano (Fiction, Conversation)
Garth Miró (Fiction, Review)