10 Poetry Apps for Readers and Writers

Are you fond of poetry? Do you like reading masterpieces of famous poets or you are writing poems on your own? If you can’t imagine your life without poetry, use modern technology that will help to find any poem in just one click and create your own poems with maximum comfort. If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Who can write my essay?”, you should know that apps can be very helpful. Just try and you’ll see how convenient it is to use this kind of an app to fuel your insights and bring novel ideas to fruition. Wonder what they are? Keep on reading to learn more about poetry apps’ pros.

The Poetry Foundation App

There is no such a poem that isn’t on the list of the poetry app. Here are classic and modern poets. The program is very user-friendly. Even if you use it for the first time, you’ll find the necessary poem within seconds if you know at least one line. If you have read the poem and liked it much, don’t risk to lose it and save it to your FB account. The program can be used on both Android and iOS.


In the application, you can read the works of other people, as well as share your own. Creations can be commented on, in addition, they display a user rating. In the search, everything is divided into sections: fiction, teenage poetry, science fiction, and many others. By the way, all your searches will be saved. The poetry application makes it possible to make lists for reading, also any text can be added to your personal library. Conveniently, the pages can be turned over with the volume keys. In terms of design, the settings are quite flexible: it is possible to change the font and background. Among the shortcomings – there is no “take note” function.

Poetry Daily

It’s one of the most popular free poetry apps you can access anytime you wish. There is a huge collection of modern poets. If you want to use the poetry app, you need to subscribe and keep up with the updates, which take place on a regular basis. If you check the app daily, you’ll see that there is a new poem from a contemporary poet.

“Write or Die”

The creators of Write or Die say that the app is one of the best poetry writing apps. It is designed to defeat the writer’s block, fear of a white sheet, creative crisis, and procrastination – call it what you want. The application does not allow you to be distracted and procrastinate. While you are writing, everything is in order, but if you stop, unpleasant consequences ensue. Of course, they are customizable. For example, if you stop writing, your already written text begins to disappear. Risk, game, and deadlines may motivate your creativity.

Pocket Poetry

It’s one of the most popular apps among poetry readers. Enter the app on a regular basis and you’ll find a new poem every day. You can not only read poems from the app but also save your favorite poems. This program has been designed to be used on iOS.

Daily Haiku

Lack time to read poetry but you love it much? Then, install this poetry app. It doesn’t matter whether you have iOS or Android, it works on both platforms well. Every day, the designers of the program post a new free haiku. If you don’t want to miss a single poem, you can choose a notification option in the settings.


It’s one of the apps for creating poetry and other pieces of writing. Before starting work, you can choose one of the templates (novel, scientific work, script, lecture, collection of poems or recipes, and so on). Scrivener has a convenient table of contents, sections of which you can add, rename, move as much as you like. It is important that the tool allows you to save the previous revisions of your text: in case you want to return to its first (second, third …) version. It’s a paid software but there is a free period of use, during which you can understand whether it’s what you need now.

Poetry Everywhere

Don’t pass by the great poetry program because it contains the best collection of videos with the poems. The essence of this tool is to listen to the poems read by contemporary poets. It’s an effective way to get inspired for the creation of your own masterpiece. One more advantage is that you can see the authors of the poems you like. It’s for the devices that are based on iOS only.

The Poetry Hour

It’s one of the multifunctional poetry mobile apps allowing us to read, listen, and watch the collection of about 300 poems. This poetry software provides users with many opportunities. Besides the mentioned pros, there is a possibility to use it on any device sharing the poem you like with your friends.

Verses Poetry Creator

Verses Poetry tool will help you to create your own poems successfully. It may be difficult to find the right word for the poem line. With the help of the poetry program, you’ll do it much faster. It is due to the fact that it has a dictionary and a function allowing us to arrange words in different ways to find the best one. You can create a poem and post it on your FB account or just save to your Favorites.

A burst of creativity can reach us anywhere, even on the way to work or home. It’s good that in the modern world, there are a lot of opportunities to realize your ideas just by taking out your smartphone and using one of the above-listed apps for reading poetry and creating poems on your own.

Jayron Baldwin

Jayron Baldwin is a creative writer, poet, and sports fan. He is currently compiling material to publish his very own poetry blog.