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Editor’s Note



Hi there. Welcome to Adroit 28.

In many ways, this issue is a lesson in savoring. The prose is rich, the poetry delicious, but I mean really savoring—beyond any one word or image. This issue asks us each to slow down, just for a minute or an hour or a day, to appreciate the lush presence of art in our lives. In particular, I appreciate—and depend on—art’s unrelenting grip on me. No matter how busy I get, art continues to drive both my passion and my purpose.

How I loved stringing this issue together—from Sarah Rose Etter‘s alluring array of visions, to fnnch‘s refreshing and vibrant democratization of art, to Aria Aber‘s dazzling exploration of family and religion, to the lush, arresting worlds sculpted by our 2019 Djanikian Scholars, and every stunning, beautiful, bizarre moment in between. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Supporting other writers and artists does not make you any less of a writer. Lifting other writers and artists up enriches your artistry—it certainly doesn’t threaten it. It’s particularly important, in the midst of high school writing award results and college decisions, to remember that.

And if you aren’t writing right now, I mean… same. But you know what? The poems, the stories, the essays, the art you’re meant to soon write—when you’re least expecting them, they’ll come home.


Peter LaBerge grew up in Connecticut, and currently lives and works in San Francisco. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with his B.A. in English and Consumer Psychology. He founded the Adroit Journal in 2010, and founded the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program in 2013. Click here to learn more about Peter.


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