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Hunting Series





Min Seung Kim is a 18-year-old student studying at Lawrenceville School in the USA. She loves to experiment with art. She enjoys painting, drawing, and photography but currently focuses on creating art pieces by applying to daily objects around life. Min Seung loves nature and animals so that these humanities subjects are always shown on her artworks. She believes that art is a tool for her to see the world. Therefore, she wants to pursue her study in art practice and art theory based on humanities in the future. Her artworks won several art and design regional awards including a finalist of Genius Olympiad 2020 in Mixed media, a silver medalist of 2020 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a Finalist of 2019 Fall/Winter Spark Student Design Award, a high merit recipient of 2019 Spring Celebrating Art Contest. Also, one of her artworks published in Issue 13 of Split Rock Review in 2019 and several artworks were in group exhibitions titled ‘On Our Minds, In Our Futures 2019, 2019 the 4th PASA festival, and 2019 Project Chungrok in Korea.

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