Issue Thirteen

Editor’s Note


Ash Bowen | Two Poems
Tyler Mills | Marie Curie
Eduardo Martinez-Leyva | Three Poems
Lindsay Tigue | Adapted
Emily Zhang | Creation Myth
Michelle Turner | Once Wrote
Jessica Goodfellow | Map of the Disaster Site
Cassie Pruyn | Lena’s Summer House in Rockport
Ines Pujos | Random Attack
Kate DeBoltTwo Poems
Ian Burnette | the twist
Mariel Alonzo | The Ocean Scavenger
P. J. Williams | Elegy
Emily Mohn-Slate | So Easy
Anna MeisterTrigger
J. Scott Brownlee | Into the Valley Oak That Will Not Sing, That Will Not Even Talk
Janine JosephTwo Poems
Alex DimitrovCocaine
Patty Paine | Call and Response
Michael BazzettDeparture
Tyler KlineCockshut
Elizabeth Onusko | Apocryphal Memory of the Night We Met
sam sax | Two Poems


Ross McMeekin | First Rain
Sara Henry | Mykonos
Mina Seçkin | Nurse
Alex McElroy | A Man and a Man
Frani O’Toole | Notes
Meghan Tear Plummer | The Trigger

The Good Stuff

Aisha Bhoori | A Moebius Strip Search: Rae Armantrout and the Speaking Id-Self
Meriwether Clarke | On “The Last Two Seconds” by Mary Jo Bang
Jackson Holbert | On “Furs Not Mine” by Andrea Cohen
Audrey Zhao | A Conversation with Rebecca Gayle Howell
Patrick SteinOn “Immigrant Model” by Mihaela Moscaliuc


Anton Zhou | Two Paintings
Katherine Minott | Out of My Mind
Belle Carlson | Siblings
Victoria Ta | Insides
Collin McAdooUntitled