Issue Five

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Dana Guthrie Martin | Opening the Poem
Siobhan PhillipsEquinox
Bruce Bond | Echoes of a Lost Tongue
Tina Zhu | Apple Wine
Emilia Phillipsfable: [tongue will heal a wound if he licks it]
Susan Laughter Meyers | Dear Happenstance
Charles RaffertyOn Being Asked If I’d Ever Been to Georgia
                             The Man with a Missing Watch in Spring
Carolyn Guinzio | from Variations on a Pile of Bricks
Rich Larson | Changes in the Coming Months
Aretta Jones | Redlands
Diane GlancyReport (1)
Dana Gioia | Insomnia
Virginia Slachman | Seraphim
Natalie Aflalo | Wounded Tree
Kyle McCord | To Sarah Lost in a Latin American Love Triangle
Caroline Kelley | Dream Diary, #77
Gautama Mehta | Not to Beat a Dead Horse, But
                             Flat is Beautiful
Rick Manayan | Personals
Nora Henrie | Let’s Burn
Molly McGinnis | Belongings
Amy Gopinathan | For Marisol
Matthew Buckley Smith | Virgil in Hell
Karen An-hwei LeeNazonazo
Jessica Beyer | Jailbreak
                             Bathing in the Ruins
Yihan Chou | Love is an Entropic Process
Emaan Majed | Grief is Called.
Adam Sol | Evening Song
Marie Gauthier | Summer Sundays
                             Four Elements


Spencer HayesSometimes They Don’t Leave
S. Brady Tucker | And the Way the Sun was Positioned
Grace Gardiner | Heredity
Haeyeon Cho | Flight
John Sibley Williams | What More Than Sunlight
Edith Pearlman | Capers

The Good Stuff

Cahaley Markman | Interview with Stephanie Guo
Russell BogueInterview with Diane Glancy
Marlin BartonBlue Pen on Yellow Paper: A Pocketful of Advice for Young Writers


Jason Parsons | Fly Fisherman
Jessica Schroer-Smalley | On the Stairway to Heaven
Samantha Marcus | Turn to Clear Vision

The 2012 Adroit Prizes for Poetry & Prose

Poetry: Stephanie Guo: “Clear Tea,” selected by Chloe Honum
Runner Up: Nicholas Pierce: “After My Mother’s Wedding”
Honorable Mention: Michelle Jia: “Mrs. D”
Honorable Mention: Jessie Li: “Pyrus Pyrifolia”
Honorable Mention: Eliza Moley: “Barcelona”

Prose: Phoebe Nir: “Talia and Kate”
Runner Up: Flora Collins: “Debbie”
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Ballou: “Medicine Cabinet Confessional”
Honorable Mention: Alina Grabowski: “The Great American Road Trip”
Honorable Mention: Melissa Tolentino: “Reckless”

Editors’ List: Alexa Derman, Amy Gopinathan, Sara Kassel, Caroline Kelley, Katy Li, Molly McGinnis, Rick Manayan, Sienna Zeilinger, and Tina Zhu.