How to Define the Right New York Zip Code

If you want to send a letter or a parcel to New York by mail, you will need to specify the New York postal code. New York has a lot of postal codes, they differ not only from one city district to another one but also inside various parts of the same district. The basic postal code of New York is 10001. But it isn’t the only one. What to do if you need to find out the code as quickly as possible? The fastest way to find New York Zip Code you need is to use a specially designed lookup by address or by using a map. You can choose the place on the map and it’ll find the code according to the chosen location.

New York Zip Codes

The basic zip code for New York is considered zip code 10001. This is curious, but the code 10000 belongs to neither New York nor the United States of America since postal code 10000 belongs to the Czech Republic, the 10th district of Prague. But everything after code 10001, with the exception of some indices, up to 10292 belongs to New York, and it is the Manhattan area.

How to Identify Which Zip Code to Use When Sending a Letter

The place or person you are sending to most often can tell you the exact New York zip code. For example, the code for Grand Central BRM is 10164. But if you can’t get such information, feel free to specify the postcode 10001. As has been mentioned above, this New York postcode is considered the main one for the entire city. Even if you send the letter to another area of ​​the city where the postal code is different, indicating the code 10001 your message will reach the sorting center in New York, from where it will be sent directly to the desired post office, according to the address you specified.

Bronx Postal Code (New York)

Code 10450 is considered to be the Bronx’s base postal code. When sending it to various parts of the Bronx, you may need to indicate other codes, for example, 10454, or 10456. Here the situation is similar, with the situation around Manhattan, you can specify the main postal code, and your message will be distributed upon arrival at the postal code branch.

Brooklyn Postcode (New York)

Here, the area codes also depend on the location. Brooklyn’s primary code in New York is 11201. By sending a message with this specific code, it will be delivered to Brooklyn. If you know a specific index, for example, 11221 or 11206, then it is better to specify it. If you do not know it, then write either 10001 – the main postal code of New York, or 11201 – the Brooklyn index, and your letter will be delivered to Brooklyn and the postal workers will be redirected directly to the department you need, according to the address.

If you are going to send an important letter or documents, don’t take risks – set an address on the map and find out the exact code of any location. It’s as easy as ABC!

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