Essentials Every Serious Hunter Needs

Even in the best conditions, hunting is dangerous. The wilderness can be an unforgiving place, so to give yourself the best chances of not just surviving but thriving in these landscapes, you need to be prepared and pack the essentials with you.

Items such as food, water, and clothes are must, but for those serious about hunting, there is a lot of gear out there that you need to be able to take your experience to the next level. Some of this gear will allow you to hunt better, hunt for longer, or simply just save your life, however, whatever the purpose, these are the essential items every hunter needs.

Merino Wool

Merino wool clothing is one of the best types of equipment any hunter can buy, due to it being a serious antimicrobial powerhouse. These types of clothing have the potential of lasting well over two weeks without obtaining an odor, which can be greatly beneficial when hunting as it can help minimize the risk of targets smelling your position.

They are awesome garments for cold weather hunting, due to the insulation that not only keeps you warm but sucks up moisture such as sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. Merino wool from SKRE is top of the range, as it’s brilliant memory allows it to keep its shape even after rugged expeditions, and it being so lightweight means that it won’t weigh you down. 


Headlamps are useful tools to have with you on a hunt, as it allows you to not only increase visibility in dense shrubberies such as woods or forests but also allows you to remain active after dusk, which is when a lot of animals are most active themselves.

The benefits of a headlamp as means that the wearer will have both hands free, allowing for more dexterity and hunting options. Be sure to get a headlamp that has a long battery life so to allow for long hikes and alert mode settings such as strobe or SOS for emergency situations.

Modern-day headlamps are also extremely lightweight, meaning that they won’t add any significant weight to your loadout.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are particularly important when field dressing an animal for either bait or food, as it can help protect you from picking up any nasty bacteria or parasites that these animals may have.

Even the smallest of scratches or scrapes, which you are likely to have as a hunter, can be an avenue for these bacteria to enter your bloodstream, which has the potential of making you very sick. It’s best to be safe with this kind of thing and throw in more than enough pairs of gloves just in case some go missing.


For any hunter serious about the pastime, a rangefinder is a must. They are small, lightweight, and provide you a detailed insight into the distance between you and a target. This information not only lets you evaluate the likelihood of you making a successful shot but also helps you ensure that the shot is an ethical one. If you know your range limit, a rangefinder will help you decide whether to take a shot or try to get closer.

Jayron Baldwin

Jayron Baldwin is a creative writer, poet, and sports fan. He is currently compiling material to publish his very own poetry blog.