RAISE YOUR GLASS: Adroit Meets the 2020 National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

Congratulations to the Adroit students who are recipients of 59 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2020 National Medals!!!

We’re over the moon for the four Adroit seniors who received $10,000 Gold Medals for Writing Portfolio from the 2020 National Scholastic Art & Writing AwardsEmory BrinsonIsabella ChoJeffrey Liao, and Jieyan Wang.

From 320,000 overall submissions across categories, these four exceptional students represent half of the eight total Writing Portfolio Gold Medals awarded this year. Emory, Isabella, Jeffrey, and Jieyan each participated in the 2019 Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, a 100% online program that pairs high school writers with established poets, fiction writers, or nonfiction writers for the duration of the summer. We are so excited for them!

We are also incredibly proud of Audrey Kim and Mai Hoang, recipients of Silver Medals with Distinction for Writing Portfolio. Both Audrey and Mai will receive $1,000. Additionally, sophomore mentorship alum Yasmeen Khan is the recipient of a Best in Grade Award, one of two distributed across all writing categories, and senior William Leggat (an Adroit prose reader) has received one of six $1,000 New York Life Scholarships. Finally, mentorship graduates Jeffrey LiaoKatie LuGrace Wang, and Jieyan Wang each received American Voices Awards, bestowed to the most compelling submission from each Scholastic region.

We are truly over the moon for all Adroit medalists this year, who received a combined 59 national awards, scholarships, and medals from the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

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Emory Brinson (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), North Carolina
Gold Medal – Writing Portfolio – “A Study in a Lifetime of Elegies”

Stephanie Chang (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Canada
Gold Medal – Poetry – “The Way to an Immigrant Daughter’s Heart”

Daniel Chen (10), Summer Mentee (Poetry), New Hampshire
Gold Medal – Critical Essay – “The Path to Solidarity: Understanding the 1992 Los Angeles Riots”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “The Argonaut”

Sarah Chen (11), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Massachusetts
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Progeny: An Abecedarian”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Spurned”

Isabella Cho (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Illinois
Gold Medal – Writing Portfolio – “On The Night Train Headed To Mars”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “ornithology”

Sarah Feng (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), California
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Self-Portrait in Three Songs”
Silver Medal – Short Story – “Roman Holiday”

Hannah Han (11), Summer Mentee (Fiction), California
Silver Medal – Science Fiction & Fantasy – “Ours”

Mai Hoang (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), New Hampshire
Silver Medal w/ Distinction – Writing Portfolio – “Distort//Figures in a Dreamscape”
Silver Medal – Short Story – “An Autobiography of Your Body–in Twelve Tenses”

Heather Laurel Jensen (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Arizona
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Sound Check: Deterioration to White Noise”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “Bedroom as Shrine”

Yasmeen Khan (10), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Texas
Best in Grade Award – Grade 10
Gold Medal – Flash Fiction – “Nazareth, Texas”
Gold Medal – Short Story – “Scheherazade”

Audrey Kim (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Pennsylvania
Silver Medal w/ Distinction – Writing Portfolio – “Bildungsroman with Open Windows”

Sarah Lao (11), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Georgia
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Independence Day”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “Firelight”

William Leggat (12), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Massachusetts
$1,000 New York Life Award & Scholarship – Short Story – “What We Talk About When We Talk About Death”
Gold Medal – Short Story – “What We Talk About When We Talk About Death”
Silver Medal – Writing Portfolio – “In Stages, Like Tides”

Jeffery Liao (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry) and Prose Reader, New Jersey
Gold Medal – Writing Portfolio – “From Salt and Memory”
American Voices Award (Best in Region) – “Mosaic of Myself (An American Boyhood)”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Mosaic of Myself (An American Boyhood)”

Emily Liu (11), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Illinois
Gold Medal – Poetry – “leucoma salicis”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “VERTIGO”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “Ribcage”

Cynthia Lu (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Massachusetts
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Eve of the Opium Wars”

Katie Lu (10), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Pennsylvania
American Voices Award (Best in Region) – “Brotherly”
Gold Medal – Personal Essay/Memoir – “My Way”
Gold Medal – Short Story – “Brotherly”

Maia Siegel (11), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Michigan
Gold Medal – Personal Essay/Memoir – “Photo Roll Documentation of My Body”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Esther Picks Pomegranate Seeds Out of Her Teeth While:”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “Cavern”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “When the Marbits Globbed Together”

Patrick Tong (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Illinois
Silver Medal – Critical Essay – “Holidaze (Or Not)”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “Self-Portrait as Palimpsest”

Ari Vishin (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), California
Silver Medal – Poetry – “After California”

Priyanka Voruganti (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Michigan
Gold Medal – Personal Essay/Memoir – “Still Kicking”

Grace Wang (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Indiana
American Voices Award (Best in Region) – “Consolations”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Consolations”
Gold Medal – Short Story – “Birds of Fire”

Jeffrey Wang (11), Content Writer, California
Silver Medal – Poetry – “I Know Nothing But This America”

Jieyan Wang (12), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Idaho
Gold Medal – Writing Portfolio – “The Dream of Life”
American Voices Award (Best in Region) – “The Melting of the Flowers”
Gold Medal – Short Story – “The Melting of the Flowers”

Lydia Wei (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), Maryland
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Definitions of Body”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “my mother awakens on an apartment floor in manhattan, shivering”
Gold Medal – Poetry – “Section 49 Quiz: The People’s Republic of China”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “sestina to a publix supermarket”
Silver Medal – Poetry – “back to hechuan”

Meimei Xu (12), Content Writer, Georgia
Gold Medal – Journalism – “Reenactment of Georgia lynching confronts a painful history”
Gold Medal – Personal Essay/Memoir – “Partita in Departure”
Silver Medal – Personal Essay/Memoir – “Stepping Out”

Ann Zhang (12), Summer Mentee (Fiction), Missouri
Silver Medal – Dramatic Script – “Look: A Mini Musical”

Gabrielle Zhu (12), Summer Mentee (Poetry), China
Silver Medal – Poetry – “I was a seabird in the forest,; Creation Myths; Eclipsed; Spin Cycle; and Forsake”

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Peter LaBerge

Peter LaBerge founded The Adroit Journal in 2010, as a high school sophomore. His work appears in Crazyhorse, Harvard Review, Indiana Review, Iowa Review, Kenyon Review Online, Pleiades, and Tin House, among others. He is the recipient of a 2020 Pushcart Prize.

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