How to Find Art Inspiration

Ideas for art can be discovered all around. From quietly observing works of art from the greats to browsing attractive websites. From taking inspiration from other kinds of artists such as a makeup artist website, a glassblower, or graffiti artist to just taking yourself out of your comfort zone or traveling somewhere new. By keeping your eyes and your heart open, you can find art inspiration everywhere. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Get into nature

By just getting out and about in the fresh air, you might find that you come back full of motivation for your next art project. The beauty and wonder of nature are truly awe-inspiring, and just because you don’t paint landscapes doesn’t mean you can’t observe the shapes, colors, and movements that are found in nature to give you new art ideas.

Check out some galleries

Naturally, art galleries are an excellent place for inspiration, and ones that have an eclectic mix of different styles can be the most helpful. While you don’t want to copy other artist’s work, you can take in the majesty of some of the most famous and fresh works of art. By keeping abreast of new styles and trends in the art world, and by observing and appreciating the skills and talent that it takes to create an exciting work of art, you will hopefully find that trigger that drives you to create your next piece too.

Watch makeup tutorials or browse tattoo artists websites

There are lots of different forms of art and artists in the world, and it’s not just about picking up a pencil or paintbrush and getting to work. Sometimes by thinking outside the box, or appreciating the artistic gifts of those working unusually, you can suddenly have a lightbulb moment that can inspire your next piece.

Makeup artists and tattooists are great examples of artists that might not necessarily spring immediately to mind when you think of searching for art inspiration. However, the precision and knowledge that is required to become a skilled makeup artist are extensive, and some of the creations that can be made with makeup are genuinely jaw-dropping. The same goes for tattoo artists who put incredible amounts of time and energy into perfecting their designs. Their job is to create pieces of body art that their customers will adore for a full lifetime, so it requires careful planning, precision, and a steady hand to get it right.

Listen to inspiring music

Sometimes, you don’t feel in the right frame of mind to be creative, and if this is the case, you could try listening to some inspiring music to help shake off any negative vibes and get those creative cogs turning in your brain once more. By listening to different pieces of music from a variety of genres, you might hit upon the kind of music that gets the blood pumping in your veins and ideas flowing through your mind once more!

Experiment and improvise

There are so many different mediums and forms of art that you can try. By limiting yourself to just one, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Instead, give yourself the freedom and opportunity to experiment with different ways of creating. Use different materials, take inspiration from a range of artists working in a variety of mediums from painters to sculptors to calligraphers to photographers, designers, architects, and more!

Practice, practice, practice!

Above all else, and as with any craft and discipline, practice makes perfect, and if you can dedicate yourself to learning and perfecting your art, you’ll see considerable improvement and find that inspiration comes so much easier too! Even on the days where you don’t feel like it, try to create something – at least then, you’ll feel like you are progressing and moving forward with your work.

By following these tips, you can hope to find art inspiration once more. It can sometimes be challenging to tap into your creative side, and hard when you are searching for an idea that won’t quite materialize. However, if you stick at it, keep practicing and use the above to help you; hopefully, you’ll be back to your creative, motivated, inspired self in no time at all!

Lewis Mitchell

Lewis Mitchell is a freelance writer from the U.K. who specializes in technology and Internet niches.