Writing Careers and Jobs that Pay Well

Most believe that journalists are the only candidates for careers in writing. But they are so wrong. In truth, there are many more highly-paid jobs that are all about producing content. And if you want to know how to make money as a writer, read on:

Technical Writer

If you have what it takes to write about complex things in a simple language, then becoming a technical writer sounds like a plan! Being one means crafting manuals, technical documentation, instructions, pamphlets, reports, and so forth. If you are no slouch at technology and take an interest in science and other tech areas, then you will definitely like your job.

What you will like most is the number of prospects and the amount of salary you will get once you take the job of a tech author. In the next five years, the demand for talents in this field is going to increase by at least 10%. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Most authors prefer to work full-time; however, you can work remotely from home if you want. So, if you have a college degree and some technical knowledge, then you have all the chances to get hired.


If you have excellent writing skills and a keen eye for detail, then you probably have everything it takes to establish yourself as an editor. If you decide to become one, then your main duty will be to refine final versions of writings and not to create them.

You can work in almost any industry, and there are plenty of businesses looking for professional editors. You can become either a magazine editor or a blog one. You can also work at a publishing house or you can join the Vip-Writers team and edit for students, etc. Generally speaking, there are countless options to choose from. Even though, you don’t need any degree to become an editor; however, having one can help you break into editing much easier.

Magazine Writer

There are a few paths you can take once decide to write for magazines. You can either work for print publications and craft articles for a press on a monthly basis or you can join online magazines, where you will have to produce a few articles every day.

The topics you can cover in your articles are not limited to beauty and fashion. There are lots of niches that include but are not limited to medicine, economics, and health, and all of them have lots of magazines, and you can work for any you like. However, take note that to enter the magazine journalism world, you have to withstand high competition. So, be ready that you will not earn much at the very beginning of your career.

News Reporter

This job is the best choice for those who like putting questions, going into details, and writing narrations. As soon as you become a news reporter, you will get a tantalizing chance to travel a lot, meet new people, interview them, and address important topics.

However, there is a decline observed in the print journalism niche. And for this very reason, an increasing number of aspiring reporters struggle to find a job. That is why many of them are desperate to get hired by local newspapers while dreaming of covering issues of international importance.

In comparison with those taking many other paid writing jobs, reporters get relatively low monetary rewards. Moreover, preparing urgent pieces of news means that you may probably have to work late at night or on weekends and holidays.

A relevant degree will give you an advantage over others; however, it is way more important to take an internship as this is the only way for you to gain valuable hands-on experience before someone wants to hire you.

Social Media Manager

A decade ago, no one could suggest that almost all businesses would advertise their brands via profiles registered with various social media platforms. Nowadays, it is hard to find a company that wouldn’t like to have an SMM expert on the staff; however, not all businesses can afford to have one and thus look for those who can promote their services and goods on a freelance basis.

Being a good writer means that you have all the chances to fulfill this position. However, since most of the offers presented on the labor market are creative writing jobs, creative thinking is a must as well.

Because it is a relatively new profession, there are no traditional guidelines on how to become an SMM. However, there are some tips to consider: maintain active accounts on the most popular platforms and get some freelance hands-on experience no matter how big or small the company you work for is.


The world of independent blogging is oversaturated nowadays. That is why your chances to succeed in this field are not that high as you probably expect them to be. However, to make good money, you can write for third-parties’ blogs.

Nowadays, it becomes possible to write for any company no matter its location; you can either craft blog posts for an online beauty store in the UK or write for recruiting company in the USA, and so forth.

Even though most of the above-mentioned paid online writing jobs will not make you a billionaire, they are perfect picks if you are fond of producing high-quality content that can help many companies achieve their business goals.

Lewis Mitchell

Lewis Mitchell is a freelance writer from the U.K. who specializes in technology and Internet niches.