RAISE YOUR GLASS: Congratulations to the Adroit Class of 2016!

Every year, we at The Adroit Journal witness a brilliant class of high school seniors apply and head off to college. We’re honored to share the matriculation list of this year’s class of senior mentorship students and staff readers!

Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania snagged the most Adroit students this year, with five seniors headed to each. In their wake, Stanford UniversityPrinceton UniversityBrown University, and Yale University each snagged three Adroit students.

We wish each of the below thirty-six students the best as they embark on their next chapters, and hope they’ll stay in touch! (We have a feeling they will.)

Mentorship Students

Rebecca Alifimoff (IN — ’14, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania

Walker Caplan (WA — ’15, Fiction), Yale University

Catherine Cheng (TX — ’15, Fiction), University of Texas — Austin

Jordan Cutler-Tietjen (CA — ’15, Journalism), Yale University

Lindsay Emi (CA — ’14, Poetry), Princeton University

Griffin Blue Fay (CA — ’15, Poetry), University of California — Berkeley

Maeve Flaherty (CT — ’15, Fiction), Columbia University

Talia Flores (MN — ’15, Fiction), Stanford University

Ava Goga (NV — ’15, Poetry), Smith College

Erica Guo (CA — ’14, Poetry), Brown University

Anastasia Hutnick (DE — ’15, Dramatic Script), University of Pennsylvania

Anna Kramer (PA — ’15, Fiction), Brown University

Jane Levy (CT — ’15, Journalism), University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Li (NJ — ’14, Fiction), University of Pennsylvania

Abigail Minard (PA — ’15, Poetry), Princeton University

Alyssa Mulé (GA — ’14, Poetry), University of Pennsylvania

Taylor Petty (VA — ’15, Poetry), Virginia Commonwealth University

Lucy Silbaugh (PA — ’14, Fiction), Columbia University

Jane Song (NJ — ’15, Experimental Prose), Emory University

Sarah Tran (CA — ’14, Fiction), Pomona College

Lucy Wainger (NY — ’15, Poetry), Emory University

Eli Winter (TX — ’15, Journalism), University of Chicago

Erintrude Wrona (SC — ’15, Poetry), Kenyon College

Emily Zhang (MD — ’15, Poetry), Stanford University

Jessica Zhang (MA — ’15, Poetry), New York University

Audrey Zhao (CA — ’15, Poetry), University of Washington

Staff Readers

Aline Dolinh (VA — Poetry Reader), University of Virginia

Isabella Nilsson (OH — Prose Editor), Columbia University

Scott Szpisjak (VA — Prose Reader), Vassar College

Parisa Thepmankorn (NJ — Poetry Reader), Brown University

Chelsy Jiayi Wu (CHN — Poetry Reader), Columbia University

Tiffany Xie (IN — Prose Reader), Indiana University (Hutton Honors & Wells Scholar)

Staff Readers & Previous Mentorship Students

Maddie Kim (CA — Prose Reader; Poetry Mentee, ’14), Stanford University

Emily Mack (IL — Poetry Reader; Poetry Mentee, ’14), Columbia University

Meghana Mysore (OR — Poetry Reader; Poetry Mentee, ’15), Yale University

Audrey Spensley (OH — Poetry Reader; Fiction Mentee, ’14), Princeton University

Caroline Tsai (IN — Reviews Editor; Poetry Mentee, ’15), Harvard University

As usual, Britney knows what to do:

Peter LaBerge

Peter LaBerge founded The Adroit Journal in 2010, as a high school sophomore. His work appears in Crazyhorse, Harvard Review, Indiana Review, Iowa Review, Kenyon Review Online, Pleiades, and Tin House, among others. He is the recipient of a 2020 Pushcart Prize.

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