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Number 7 from “The Issue With Jellyfish” by Margie Kelk



Number 8 from “The Issue With Jellyfish” by Margie Kelk

Toronto-based visual artist Margie Kelk takes an exploratory and experimental approach as she reconstructs visual fragments of ideas through ceramic sculpture, drawing, and animation. Recent one-person exhibitions include UnderSee (2018) at the Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario; reference: gesture (2017) at reference: contemporary, Toronto, Ontario, and Substratae (2017) at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. Margie Kelk’s first award-winning stop-motion animated film, Substratae, has been featured in over seventy film festivals nationally and internationally. Margie Kelk is a graduate of Wellesley College, the Johns Hopkins University (PhD.), and the Toronto School of Art diploma programme. She is represented by reference: contemporary, Toronto and is a member of the Red Head Gallery, Toronto.


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