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"Full Bracket" by Ester Petukhova
“Full Bracket” by Ester Petukhova


“Mother Russia’s Omen” by Ester Petukhova


"Where is My Sister?" by Ester Petukhova
“Where is My Sister?” by Ester Petukhova


Ester Petukhova is a Russian-American multidisciplinary Artist who immigrated from Vologda, Russia in 2001 to the Pacific Northwest. Her work primarily explores the intersectionality within her Russian and American identities, addressing various socio-political issues through paintings and sculptures. These works often include a variety of found objects or identifiable ‘American’ goods. Ester has participated in a number of shows, her first large group exhibition being at New York University’s: Rosenberg Gallery (2016). Her works have been displayed at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery (2018) in New York, New York; The Blackfish Gallery (2018) in Portland, Oregon, along with several museums and institutions for the “Art.Write.Now.Tour” by the Alliance of Young Artists & Writers. She has been recognized with several national and local awards including those with the Scholastic Art & Writing Association and Subpop Records. Ester is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University’s: School of Art. Find her on Instagram @esterpetu.


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