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“My Brother’s Keeper” by Aaron Anderson


“My Only Flower” by Aaron Anderson



Aaron Anderson is a Georgia based Fine Art photographer who only shoots using film. Here’s a short run down of his history with photography. Originally, He was introduced to photography in 2010 during his sophomore year of high school when he wanted to explore new mediums of art. He began with humble means, naivety, and the pure desire to explore photography. He shot a massive amount of work with a myriad of digital cameras for about 6 years and then, in 2016, He made the decision to switch formats and shoot only film. Which, he fell madly in love with and has been shooting ever since. His works express inner dialogues and feelings that he ponders over. He is known for his work containing a lot of emotion, as well as, capturing his subjects in a very nostalgic and delicate way.

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