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“Through the Glass, Softly” by You Young Kim



“Through the Glass, Softly” by You Young Kim




You Young Kim is a senior at Seoul International School in Seoul, Korea. She spends her free time making art, visiting exhibits, and exploring different corners of the city with a camera in hand. Kim plans to continue pursuing her interests in art and writing to widen her perspective and develop unique ways of expressing herself. Kim has won recognitions in several art and writing contests, including being selected as the visual art winner of the Claremont Review’s 2018 Annual Writing & Art Contest, a runner-up in The New York Times‘ 2018 Annual Connections Contest, and the winner of 2018 Carnegie Council’s International Student Essay Contest. Her artworks have appeared in The Adroit Journal, BALLOONS Lit. Journal, The Daphne Review, Germ Magazine, and The Penn Review.

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