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Editor’s Note



Happy 2015! The editors & I are ringing in the New Year no differently than you may be: with a healthy mix of reflection and resolution.

First, the reflection. This past year has been a year of long hours and much exciting growth. For one thing, we released our eighth & ninth issues in February and June. Our graduating class of 2014 stole the show, and we hosted Richie Hofmann & Penn and Princeton students at the Kelly Writers House in February, and hosted a range of contributors and staff at the 2014 New York City Poetry Festival. Above all, our inaugural class of Summer Mentorship students excelled, and our community has continued to broaden and strengthen.

But, of course, we can’t reflect on the past year without also thinking about this one. This takes form on our end from a promise to continue sharing what we find and love: words via our supercharged blog, as well as words through each issue we release.

We share these poems, these captivating stories, and this art with you at the crossroads of reflection and resolution. Much like ourselves, this work crosses tracks one second before the train passes. This work is distracting itself from its own deathlaughing loud because it is good for the lungs to laugh loud, and learning to labor for itself. This work doesn’t sleep. This work says if only and means it, and has been waiting for you its whole life.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Please, dear reader, allow yourself to pick these Winter 2015 offerings up and take them into your hands. Think of where they come from, where they hope to go.


Peter LaBerge
The Adroit Journal