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a brand new way to say sorry



What’s the line?
You can’t cross it, anyhow.
Bells and snow,
a church crying its love for—
its love for—
What Went Wrong.
A moss-grown sentiment.
You love someone
but can’t edge a toe into that black river.
Hooks leave their marks though,
don’t they.
Don’t they carry the blue dark.
Leave you there wondering what made you.
Evidence: your light
turning into different light.
You were waiting for something
but the waiting killed you.
If this applies, go forward.
Take the broken hands of any clock.
Build a new genesis.

Jessica Poli is the author of the chapbooks Alexia (Sixth Finch), Glassland (JMWW), and The Egg Mistress (Gold Line Press). Her work has appeared in Best New PoetsCaketrain, and Southern Indiana Review, among others. She is a graduate of Syracuse University’s MFA program, and the editor of Birdfeast.

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