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Have you ever swallowed moonshine

Have you written out your desires

A man so handsome you don’t care what’s under his jeans

To be birdboned in a windstorm

Sometimes this is enough to exhaust yourself

Or thinking about the lake when you haven’t been in years

Granddad told me once it was God’s sycamore there on the shore

Always thought it belonged to the boys jumping from it

Nothing on but their jocks and their hoots in the sky

I swear you could see the sun cutting through them

How long have we ached for this

A belly fire and every light on your face

Knock me over Lord there’s no way to be readier

Doug Paul Case authored the 2015 chapbooks Something to Hide My Face In (Seven Kitchens) and College Town (Porkbelly Press). He tweets from Indiana @DougBTW.

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