Issue Four

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Ruth FoleyIn Another Life
Chloe HonumAlone With Mother
                             Directing the Happy Times
Laura Madeline WisemanMaking Ethical Creatures
Ed Skoog | Manhattan, Kansas
Antony Dunn | Crisis
Susan Aizenberg | White Cat and Notebook: A Still Life
Andrew Kozma | In the Sudden Flood
Justin Belote | A language that swirls like smoke but is stillborn
                             Politics of Decay
Michael S. Harper | Epistle to Pat ‘Casey’ Seeley on not completing her Hayden dissertation
Liz RobbinsMidnight Among Blinds
                             Ledger of Black Marks
Peter Makuck | Moments
Madeline Vardell | He Makes Her Sound This Way
Kirk Pinho | Poem for Talking Dirt
Caitlin Thomson | House
Shannon Hozinec | Pound-Penny
Kristin LaTour | Her Husband’s Fishing
                             Grandma’s Proverbs
Matthew ThorburnThe Green Hotel
Sydney Lea | Fathomless
Melina Papadopoulos | Tale of a Torture Device
Stephanie Guo | Clear Tea
Joel Allegretti | The Walt Whitman Complex
                             The Bauls of Bengal
Reginald Gibbons | The Eager Interpreter
Keetje Kuipers | Every Bright Thing
Mercedes Lawry | Common Experience
Mark DeCarteret | Spontaneous Combustion, Pop. 0
Jeremy Voigt | John Brown Wins a Nobel
Jacob Oet | Cairo
Michael T. Young | Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Bryana Johnson | About-Face
Robert Laughlin | every year on the same day
Tasha Cotter | Lies We Tell in Winter
                             Sonic Memory
Abraham Younes | the conversationalist
John F. Buckley | Another Epiphany Missed on a Road Near Damascus, Oregon
                             The Tutelary Spirits
Rose Miles | the other signs of aging
John Minczeski | Wild Rose
                             Apology for My Name
Garth Greenwell | First Morning
Rose Richard | Turning Gold


Devon Code | June, 1978
Shae Krispinsky | Don’t Forget Me in Strange Cities
Philip Walford | An Etude
Carmen AdamucciEaster: 1984
Noah Kim | The Guitarist
Jane Hertenstein | That Which I Should Have Done But Did Not Do
Noel Quiñones | Deliveries from a Straight-Up G
Adam Gallari | Negative Space
Melanie Browne | And There They Perch’d
Tom Sheehan | The Lobster That Wouldn’t Sleep
Alexa Derman | January Lice
Alanna Belak | An Ending

Cuban Tears: Exposing the Pain and Suffering of Dissidence

Anonymous | Elegía
Félix Anesio | Allegro
Elena Tamargo | Identidad
                             Y nuevamente en sueños
Orlando Ferrand | Testigo del alba
                             Invierno con girasoles amarillos
                             El jardín de niños, una maestra…
Carmin Karin Aldrey | Sin titulo
Rene Dayre | La tristeza
Ernesto Fundora Hernandez | Canje
Belkis Cuza-Malé | Paisaje invernal para los desterrados
                             La casa
                             Homenaje a Jose CID
Teresa Dovalpage | Visa poética para Chihuahua