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“EARTH’S EYES” by J’ Atelier9 ™️

Artisan Crafted” Visual Creator, J’Atelier9 ™️ (IG: @jatelier9), was founded by Janine Tang, based in Los Angeles. Janine Tang is a Hong Kong born sustainable fine artist. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. Her deeply rooted humble & cultural upbringing conditioned her to reuse & repurpose at an early age. This philosophy has extended over to her sustainable mindfulness. Her discipline focuses on her movement towards a “circular environmental cycle” by sourcing reclaimed materials into her practice to heighten her impact on carbon footprint. Growing up as a Chinese American and influenced by discrimination, & socio-economic disparities, she dissects aspects of societal programming within the matrix, while creating a wondrous majestic world of optimism & reflection.

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