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“My Brother’s Keeper” by Jalynn McDuffey



“Dreadful” by Jalynn McDuffey



“Fly Fly Away” by Jalynn McDuffey



“Look Alike” by Jalynn McDuffey



“White Muzzle” by Jalynn McDuffey



“The Singing Man” by Jalynn McDuffey



“Martyr” by Jalynn McDuffey



“Committed” by Jalynn McDuffey



Jalynn McDuffey’s artist’s statement: When beginning my work, I began to ask why black people are rarely portrayed in portraiture. I began to research many portraits: many hidden, covered in negative implications or the subject is unnamed. I worked around the question of what a portrait of a black person would look like in modern day. I wanted to create not just a figure but has a personal attachment, instead of an object that can be changed. I studied how the style, materials, and objects in a portrait determine the importance of the person, occupation, status, etc. I made a second part of my question how the oppression of blacks throughout history affects the identity of a person, and how this can be portrayed.

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