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This year they cast a new Funny Girl



On Broadway

Fabricated is confused
For authentic

You can still want the approval
Of your dead father

The poetry professor says ceruleun
Mountains and pink butterflies
Blue salamander, lemon drop yellow ocean
Roja sky

I saw a concrete
Example about wallowing
In complexities

No matter the expertise
The sight gag brings to the room
You can get tired of being called names
You aren’t— On stage or not

My students didn’t believe this story
I told them
About the famous magazine
Fact checking his poem

He has thousands of twitter followers,
Then. A cat named Rosie
Does not name its babies
Will not name the black sheep
But I do it again and again
Calling a red cat a purple snow
A pistachio aardvark
Mrs. Cohen at the Beach
Is a bit like Becky’s Back in Ballet

The Yiddish Bride bit may be believable, but the fact they were
Checking was about the refrigerators


Michelle Taransky is the author of Sorry Was In The Woods and Barn Burned, Then, both published by Omnidawn. Factory Hollow Press recently published her chapbook Abramowitz-Grossberg. Taransky teaches writing at Penn.

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