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MUT: Gold Age








Kim Dong-hyun is a Korea-born photographer who’s committed to documenting and showcasing the “mut” of senior citizens. Mut refers to a Korean notion of taste–which would roughly translate into flair–a broad term that means an eye for things of value and appreciation of beauty across all facets of life, from fashion and lifestyle to sense of adventure and self affirmation. Enthralled with the world of mut, Kim dropped out of a nursing school and pursued and received a BFA in fashion from Seoul Fashion College (SFC). He spent years working night shifts in a warehouse in order to fund, and dedicate his daytime to, the project, Mut: Gold Age. His project has been globally chronicled in such publications as Aktuálně of Czech, the Guardian, and Vogue Korea, among many others. His project was a feature in the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week of 2022 program, Embracing Diversity, and is part of the docuseries about Korea produced by Burning Bright that is forthcoming later this year from the British Channel 5. You can find out more about his project on his blogs at and

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