A Statement from The Adroit Journal’s Leadership Team

The Adroit Journal’s leadership team wholeheartedly apologizes for the way in which it responded to a recent sexual assault allegation made against one of our contributors. We deeply regret the way our communications with a survivor failed them.

We are dedicated to supporting survivors, and to bettering those means of support. We are grateful to the literary community for holding us accountable. We understand that words are a poor substitute for action. As a leadership team, we are committed to working with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center to incorporate best practices and to help us pursue the following actions:

1. Our leadership will undertake a training course on Sexual Violence.


2. We will work with a victim’s advocate to rewrite our sexual assault policy, rework our response procedure, and create more thorough sexual harassment and sexual assault reporting guidelines for all staff members and contributors.


3. We will identify organizations for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse and will support them by raising funds through our April issue reading.

We welcome further suggestions as to how we can do better, in both this and in other regards. Once again, we apologize unequivocally for our actions as an organization. We strive to grow and improve every day in our mission to be a home for the voices of underrepresented and oppressed artists across the globe.