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Dispatches from Somewhere in Brooklyn, 3:22 A.m.



University of Chicago, ’15
2015 Adroit Prize for Poetry: Honorable Mention

Our riot quieted
to cracked trees, bottles,

the raw gums of winter.
Every bar door an exit wound.

C’s voice is a white curtain,
burning. The dark a child

listening on the stairwell.
This is my history, lost

to clear and unclear fluids.
What god knotted these streets

with hooks for swallowing.
Words fall like hands.

There’s no metaphor
for my sister’s turned back.

Sara Henry won the Foyle Young Poets Award in 2010, and her work has appeared in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, Magma, The Moth Magazine, SOFTBLOW, and Word Riot, among others. One may find her winning Foyle poem, “Work Night,” on the inside back cover of John Grisham’s Theodore Boone, one of the books distributed for the UK and Ireland’s World Book Night 2014.

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