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Content Team


Lauren R. Korn (Director of Content) is a poet and graphic designer currently living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. An M.A. student in English at the University of New Brunswick, she is also a Managing Editor for Qwerty. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming.


Claire August (Intern) is an undergraduate student of literature and rhetoric who lives in Berlin, Germany. She has written in the past for the Offing, Rookie Mag, and Infinite Scroll Zine, as well as for other platforms. She previously worked as a poetry reader for the Blueshift Journal. One time, she won $5 on a scratch ticket, a fact to which she clings optimistically.


Darren Chang (Writer) is an undergraduate student at Cornell University. He is a columnist for the Daily Sun, participates in debate and devours lots of ice cream. He is interested by the intersection of different critical perspectives, especially Asian American and disability scholarship. You can catch him reading memoirs, playing ping pong, and laughing at memes of his home state of Indiana.


Peter Chappell (Staff Spotlight Correspondent) is a writer and journalist from London.


Audrey Kim (Intern) attends Conestoga High School in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Her work has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and the Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize.


Amie Souza Reilly (Writer) teaches in the English department at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, where she lives with her husband and eleven-year-old son. She has been published in Entropy, the Manifest Station, Pidgeonholes and SmokeLong Quarterly. Other work can be found here.


Meimei Xu (Writer) is a junior at the Westminster Schools. Her work has been recognized by the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Library of Congress. She works as an editor of her school’s newspaper, the Westminster Bi-Line, and her school’s literary magazine, Evolutions. Currently haunting the hills of Atlanta, GA, she has also made homes in Miami, Chicago, and Nanjing, China. Her ideal home, however, adopts the contours of the writing and art dearest to her heart.