Natalie Perman

Poetry Reader

Natalie Perman (she/her) studies English and German at St John’s College, Oxford. She is a 2017 and 2018 winning and commended Foyle Young Poet and has won the Forward Student Critics’ Award as well as the Mapleton-Bree prize 2020 for work in the creative arts. She has been published with the Poetry Society, who awarded her first prize in the ‘The Poetics of the Archive’ and ‘Civilisation and Its Discontents’ challenges on Young Poets Network. She has served as Editor-in-chief of the Oxford Review of Books and as Deputy Editor of The Isis Magazine, the longest-running student magazine in the UK. She has been published or is forthcoming in publications such as The White Reviewbath magg, Little Stone Journal, and ASH. She was invited to read at the Oxford Literary Festival and the Newcastle Literary Festival (both cancelled due to COVID-19). You can find her on twitter @kafkaeatsbabka.