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“The Four of Greed” by You Young Kim

Raised in Vancouver, Canada, You Young Kim is now a senior at Seoul International School in Seoul, Korea. This international upbringing motivates her to learn more about social and political issues that concern not just her immediate community, but the international community. She spends her free time reading, making art, and exploring different corners of the city with a camera in hand. Kim has been selected as the high school winner of 2019 Applied Arts Awards, the visual art winner of the Claremont Review’s 2018 Annual Writing & Art Contest, the high school winner of Carnegie Council’s 2018 International Student Essay Contest, and a runner-up in the New York Times‘ 2018 Annual Connections Contest. Kim’s artwork “Tell Me We Both Matter, Don’t We?” was featured as the cover art in Issue 28 of The Adroit Journal.


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