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 “ Barista ” by Lumi Barron  “Barista” by Lumi Barron



 “ St Honore ” by Lumi Barron  “St Honore” by Lumi Barron



 “ The   Flower Shop ” by Lumi Barron  “The Flower Shop” by Lumi Barron



 “ Uprooted ” by Lumi Barron  “Uprooted” by Lumi Barron


Lumi Barron enjoys all art forms, from visual to music and dance, and is currently a freshman fine arts major at Carnegie Mellon University. She spends much of her time wandering around, sketching her surroundings, and sharing it on her blog. She aims to capture a snapshot of the moment she is experiencing in her sketches, and tell a story through her images. She has received multiple Gold Key Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, including a Gold Key and Silver Key for her Art Portfolios. See more of her sketches on Instagram @coffee_shop_adventures.

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