Issue Ten

Editor’s Note


Alexandra Teague | The Common Field
Jeff WhitneyPoetry
Philip SchaeferHuman Aviary
Sarah FletcherAn Evening at The Crown
Sam RossMise En Abyme
Naomi HamiltonFruition
Michael RobinsHighways to the Hills
Lindsay DaigleNot-Reflection
Erin StoodleyBaptism
Caroline CrewPlastic Sonnet 38
Fritz WardDear Machiavelli-Mouth
Brittany Cavallarofrom The Adventure of the Hooded Woman
Jeanann VerleeGrime
Angela Voras-HillsMaps of Places Drawn to Scale
Keegan LesterThe Topography of Woody Allen
Claudia CorteseNext to Godliness
Brian BenderGhost
Stevie EdwardsScheherazade
                             Lament with Rhinestones and Wonder


Zach VandeZandeAccord
Randall BrownCaught
Josh Patrick SheridanWhat We Knew Then
Jackson BurgessHaunt
Megan WaltersLovesick, an adj., and other assorted definitions

The Good Stuff

Leila ChattiReview of “Vulgar Remedies” by Anna Journey
Amanda SilberlingReview of “The New Testament” by Jericho Brown
Derick EdgrenA Narrative Conversation with Sarah Ruhl
Talin TahajianReview of “Best Bones” by Sarah Rose Nordgren
Lois CarlisleA Conversation with Matthew Dickman
Peter LaBergeReview of “Don’t Go Back to Sleep” by Timothy Liu


Jenna StillFundens Ad Angulum
Mavis Figuls | Garcia Sans Cherry
Adam SpiegelmanNight Terrors
Marc SextonPacemaker (Heart)
Jedidiah GistWhirl