Issue Six

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Caleb Kaiser | River Music
                             How to Talk
                             What it Means to Have My Father’s Eyes
Francesca Bell | Gift
Gregory Lawless | Midsummer
                             Shot in the Dark
Alexandra Cussons | Endings
Eric Crawford | Canal, Morning
Michelle Chan BrownDemeter
Michael Tyrell | Falling Stars
                             Like Rice From a Wedding We’ve Been to Only in Pictures
Jameel Mohammed | For Trayvon
Pauline Suwanban | Mangroves
Daniel Weingarten | Two Old Moons
Kyle McCord | Poem for Rude Birds
Bridget Menasche | Elegy for a Downed Red-Tail
Julie deGarie | Digging Out the Flower Beds, Spring 1980
                             Damming the Yangtze
Kayla Krut | Back Lot Palette
Jason Schossler | Baby Steps
Joey Nicoletti | The Firmament
Bindu Bansinath | Why I Write
Rick Hilles | Larry Levis in Provincetown
Richie Hofmann | Reconciliation
Kate Schapira | Amulet to invite the present and future
Garth Greenwell | Club L’Esclave
Katy Li | For Grandfather
John A. Nieves | Palace of Wandering Objects
Bruce Bond | Water Scripture
                             Ode to a Skeleton Key
Doug Ramspeck | Primitive Memory
Charles McCrory | Three Months Sober
Emily Weber | A Reading
Claudia CorteseFried Eggs Holy
                             Bowl of Cheetos Holy
                             The Girl Plants Knives
Heather Sommer | Hoarding
Iris Samuels | Rebecca
Emma Joss | Rinse, Repeat
Da’Shawn Mosley | Boy
                             Because You Expressed Desire, Once, to be Here


Donald Quist | If You Should Fall off the Earth
Danila BothaValentine’s Day
Brad Felver | How to Throw a Punch
Emma Townley-Smith | Woodbridge
Eric StiefelRonald Reagan Walks Again
Kate Schapira & Erika Howsare | from The Waste Project
Emily Sheera Cutler | The Road Trip
Charles McCrory | Post-Apocalypse Drive-In
Kristin Ruth Bratt | After He Kills a Cat
Da’Shawn MosleyLooking to Mao’s Ex-Wife for Advice on the Proper Way to Honor…


Brannon Dorsey | The Black Cloth #2
Surajit Chakravarty | Windows of Madrid
Sarah Ratner | Down to Earth
Elysse Bell | Time is on Your Side
Taylor Sahl | As Coyote Howled