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Distant blue terrifying absence—
the highest pitch of that color.

Motionless white fog of the woods,
but a cabin floats to space.

My I was impossible & so was
the turmeric taste of your reincarnation.

You’re alive. That’s crazy enough.
Circle of the same worries:

coming is coming through the cream
of moonlight sliced.

The unexpected routes won’t spoil
a destination.

Crystal thoughts while the weather drops;
frigid, yet also serene.

Dare I say, offer no smarmy hello
to consternating information?

Simply greet. Thus live it down
to the toes

& never retire in the valley
or the vines. The story told:

a massive plaster storm,
frozen cells & the broom standing in

for your spine. The wild meat
of animals replacing tainted crops.

The search.


Terrell Jamal Terry is the author of Aroma Truce, forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in Summer 2017. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in GuernicaThe Literary Review, Green Mountains Review, West BranchThe Journal, Columbia Poetry Review, The Volta, and elsewhere. He resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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