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warm live thing



I was a warm live thing that wanted

to be loved above all others. Seer. With my father’s
playing cards spread semi-circle around me. A hand

hovering over each for an answer.

O. Hot hand. Current buzzing in my palm. Currant,
blue and bitter in my mouth. Some song

from childhood. Song wearing beaded bonnet.

Kalinka! Kalinka! So close to my own name—forget
it. Someone I love

someone I love, burst berry in the mouth

hand on fire, open circuit. Circle broken. It’s all up
and given.

Photo of the moon. It’s barely a moon

some hole ripped out of black paper.


Gala Mukomolova received her MFA from the Helen Zell Writers’ Program of the University of Michigan. Her work has been published in Indiana ReviewDrunken BoatPANK, and others. She is a winner of the 2016 Discovery/Boston Review Poetry Contest. Monthly, she transforms into an astrologer called Galactic Rabbit. Lots of people believe in her.

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