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The Sky Erotic


a V formation
of flying geese
slowly unzips
the sky’s dress

and reveals
to our eyes
what we have
up until now
only wondered about
but have never seen

and the sky
lets us look
as briefly
as anything else
upon her breasts
and belly

down here
at our safe distance
of never leaving
the ground

until a jet
zips back
the other way
and closes
the sky’s dress
leaving us
alone down here
with our pangs
of brevity

and our longing
for wings
or the memory
of having had

Denver Butson has published three books: triptych (The Commoner Press, 1999), Mechanical Birds (St. Andrews Press, 2001), and Illegible Address (Luquer Street Press, 2004). His work appears in The Yale Review, Ontario Review, Caliban, Quarterly West, and Exquisite Corpse. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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