Issue One

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Kevin PilkingtonThe Distance Between Fog and Times Square
Matthew Lippman | Two Poems
Carol Guess | Two Poems
Dorianne LauxBaptism
Annie Finch | Two Poems
Lee Upton | Why Don’t You Stay in the Ouse
Matt Mauch | Two Poems
Michelle Bitting | Light Rain
Corey Mesler | Two Poems
Amorak Huey | Three Poems
Laura KasischkeNo Elegy
Kathleen Flenniken | Three Poems
Sara Kassel | Sidewalk Chalk
Lawrence Gladeview | Three Poems
Darlene Pagan | Two Poems
Christopher Linforth | Small Town Invasion
Charlotte Boulay | Two Poems
Michael Neal Morris | Cottonwood
Wendy Barker | Three Poems
Valentina Cano | Three Poems
Steve Healey | Threat Level Orange
Lyn Lifshin | Four Poems
J.R. Kangas | Needing to Get Away
Thomas Pescatore | Behind the fruit salad a Simple Meaningless love
A.J. Huffman | Two Poems
Jay LeemingTwo Poems


Jim Meirose | The Money
James Valvis | Big Alabama and the Ice Cream Truck
William Walsh | Indebted to Mary Gaitskill
Ray Scanlon | Attleboro Station
Sara Kassel | Duet
Joel Allegretti | Bird-Boy
Kim Chinquee | Two Stories
Thomas O’Connell | Two Stories
Justis Mills | Ducts
Terry Sanville | A Bugled Robbery
Jan Donley | Fall into Winter
Stephen Frentzos | The Reunion
Lydia MilletSir Henry