Issue Nine

Editors’ Note


Terrance HayesAt Pegasus
Alicia Lai | Dionysus Approves
Jill McDonough | Ken Chukwuba, Salt Lake City
                             It’s What You Said You Wanted
Richie Hofmann | Midwinter
Camille Guillot | Belle Dame Sans
Adina Lasser General Electric
Sean Patrick HillHistory of Snow
Meryl DePasquale | Nest Egg
Jay G. Ying | How to Save a Stillborn
                             Under Heaven, Winds
Mario Chard | In Fables
Talin Tahajian | Farm Boys
Shelley Wong | Epithalamium
Sara Biggs Chaney | Testimony, After the Mastectomy
Joe Wilkins Notes from the Journey Westward


AM Ringwalt | Babies
Uzodinma Okehi The Deuce
Dani Sandal 97%
Torn Porter Cynthia
Michael Chaney Gambols in Counting
Jameson Rader | The Lady at the Bellagio Bar
Andrew Mangan | All + One
Matthew DexterThe Evolution of Granny’s Panties

The Good Stuff

Luisa BanchoffReview of “Everyone I Love is a Stranger to Someone” by Annelyse Gelman
Lois Carlisle A Conversation with Stephen Burt
Cody ErnstReview of “The Rusted City” by Rochelle Hurt


Annabelle DeCamillis Duke of Birmingham
Madeline Rile Smith | Chimera
Adam Amram | Horse
Katiuscia Gregoire Busts
Brian Oldham | Self-Revelation

Adroit Prizes

Poetry: Nathan Durham: “Chevrolet,” selected by Richie Hofmann
Runner Up: Ian Burnette: “Harvests”
           Honorable Mention: Oriana Tang: “Chinese New Year”
           Honorable Mention: Maddie Kim: “Mothers in July”
           Honorable Mention: Emily Knott: “Elegy Broadcast from the Top of a Radio Tower”

Prose: Isabel DeBre: “Digging,” selected by Wendy Rawlings
Runner Up: Madeleine Cravens: “Girls and Boys: Growing Up in Four Parts”
           Honorable Mention: Dalton Fischer Linnett: “When Dutch Klaas was Fearless”
           Honorable Mention: Frances Saux: “Difficult”
           Honorable Mention: Catherine Mosier-Mills: “The Practical Applications of Calculus”

Editors’ List: Camara Brown, Alicia Lai, Cheryl Julia Lee, Emma Lister, Kyle Michelson, Torn Porter, Christina Qiu, AM Ringwalt, Lucy Wainger, Megan Walters, and Jay G. Ying.