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“A Torn Screen” by Jeongyeon Han


Jeongyeon Hans house is in the center of Daechi-dong, the first private education No.1 avenue with more than 1,000 academies and a daily population of about 490,000. But [while other people looked to study] math and English, the place where she went, holding her mom’s hand, was an art academy. Since then, Jeongyeon has lived a different life as a loner in her town. When other elementary school students went to nearly four to five academies a day to solve workbooks, she held a brush or 4B pencil. When her friends finished dozens of books, the number of pencils she used while painting exceeded 100. People constantly moved to her neighborhood to go to a prestigious high school or college; however, she had to take a shuttle bus early in the morning to go to a prestigious art school far away. She escaped from her town, walking past students carrying backpacks and workbooks that were about to explode. Everyone knew that, even though her bag’s weight and school uniforms were different, the weight of her life was similar.

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