Issue Eleven

Editor’s Note


Brian TierneyUnburying the Birth Cord
                             Elegy for the Mattresses Sleeping in the Past
                             Waking in the Year of the Boar
Sarah Rose NordgrenKindling
Ginny WiehardtNot Done Yet
Benjamin GoldbergHavenwyck Hospital, 2002
                             Unguided Tour of the French Riviera
Amie WhittemoreThe Unknotting
Alexis PopeThat She Had Submitted
Tory AdkissonOrientalism
                             Lusus Naturae
Catherine PondTatiana
Anne BarngroverSalt Creek, Missouri
                             The month after the cruelest month
Brandon RushtonMiscellanea of Whatever Reservations I Had About the Reservoir
Allyson PatyAnother Man // Behind Glass
Jennifer GivhanCreation of the Birds
J. Jerome CruzPastoral
Angela Voras-HillsWhen We Were Prey to Nothing
Dennis HinrichsenRadio Motown
                             Nights of Zhivago


Shaun TurnerSt. Anthony’s Meatloaf
Alex PruteanuPatrol
Nicole RivasYear of the Dog
Lawrence CoatesRaggedy Ann
Joe Scott | The Libertarian’s Daughter

The Good Stuff

Ariella CarmellReview of “Humanly” by Stevie Edwards
Justin Holliday | Review of “A History of the Unmarried” by Stephen S. Mills
Peter LaBergeA Conversation with Lynn Melnick & Brett Fletcher Lauer
Amanda Silberling | Review of “Please Excuse This Poem” ed. Lynn Melnick & Brett Fletcher Lauer
Jen FrantzReview of “Beside Myself” by Ashley Farmer
Michaela Coplen | Review of “The Uses of the Body” by Deborah Landau


Olga BelyaninaHearing Color
                             And Then There Were None
Carissa ChenOblivion: A Self-Portrait of My Own Funeral
Emma Jo ShattoPatches: Unfinished
Flora Borsi | IRÉEL