Class of 2014

Please click here to view a snapshot of this year’s Adroit community achievements, and here to view the achievement archives.

Congratulations to the following staff members, who will be attending universities in the fall:

Madeline Anderson, Poetry Reader, University of Chicago

Bindu Bansinath, Blog Editor, Columbia University

Nathan Cummings, Prose Reader, Harvard University

Alexa Derman, Managing Editor, Yale University

Katherine Frain, Poetry Editor, Princeton University

Claire Lee, Poetry Reader, Harvard University

Allison Light, Prose Reader, Princeton University

Eliza Moley, Poetry Reader & Cinema Correspondent, University of Southern California

Joanna Moley, Human Rights Correspondent, Georgetown University

Catherine Mosier-Mills, Prose Reader, Pomona College

Amelia Nierenberg, Prose Reader, Yale University

Aaron Orbey, Prose Reader, Yale University

Amanda Silberling, Poetry Reader, University of Pennsylvania

Talin Tahajian, Poetry Editor, University of Cambridge (UK)

Victoria White, Poetry Reader, Stanford University

Jackie Yang, Prose Reader, University of Miami

…and congratulations to Poetry Reader Cheryl Julia Lee, Nanyang Technological University Class of 2014!