Use these grammar checkers to remove grammar errors!

Be it a renowned writer or only an aspiring fashion blogger, syntax, carefully used grammar, and punctuation help to maintain your credibility and public confidence. Proofreading is necessary, but keep in mind that you should review any text you write for a professional look even if it is only a short email, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. Use the best grammatical software with a wide range of features to simplify and accelerate the process. Some are even incorporated into common blogging sites like WordPress. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of grammar checkers to become a high paid blogger.

What is a grammar checker?

A grammar checker is a software to identify grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors. It could only highlight serious errors depending on the software or suggest a better word choice in case of an advanced grammar checker.

Microsoft Word is one of the most common examples. The software underlines the word at any time if there’s a mistake in your text. Every day, grammar and spell checkers are becoming increasingly popular. Users want to use online software, instead of installing them onto a Mac or PC, to save their time and effort. There is now a wide selection of different grammar checkers available online.

Why should bloggers use a grammar checker tool

It is necessary to provide error-free and appropriate texts today because most of the communication occurring on the Internet and your writing is your reputation as well. Search engines prefer error-free and rich grammar to rank the websites. It is very important to write grammatically right content to become a high paid blogger.

Bloggers with the right grammar skills are always in demand. It may take a long time to analyze your text, and it can sometimes be pointless because you may not know a specific grammar rule and unable to find the mistakes. The online grammar checkers, however, have precise analyzing skills and could boost your vocabulary.

The grammar checkers could save you time and help you to become a highly paid blogger. Grammar checkers are helpful for people, particularly authors, bloggers, firms, academic organizations, students, and more who need a high-quality text.

1.   Grammarly

Grammarly is a well-known online grammar checker today. It has free and premium choices and multiple product types. You can work online with Grammarly by using Chrome extension or in MS Word too.

The software does not only correct the errors but also suggests why the phrase or grammar form has to be changed. You can use the Grammarly free browser extension very easily, because it tests the writing from any online platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, etc. You can also use Grammarly in offline mode with MS Word.


  • Grammarly supports the offline functionality.
  • Grammarly can be integrated with MS Word, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and many more.
  • It offers a free Chrome extension.
  • Grammarly offers a tone detector to fix the tone of your text as intended.

2.   Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is one of the best tools on the internet today. It uses four different colors to show different types of errors, which are red, blue, purple, and green. You can use Hemingway Editor in your web browser and also on your PC with a desktop version. It has both premium and free version. You can choose from multiple formatting options.


  • It offers multiple formatting styles
  • Deeply works with adverbs
  • Improved readability
  • Simple interface with ease of use

3.   PaperRater

PaperRater is a cloud-based plagiarism checker powered by data science and artificial intelligence. It is intended both for academic writing and blogging because of its many features. It provides writing tips and automatic scoring in addition to simple grammar and spelling checks. You can submit five pages each time, and a total of fifty checks are allowed in the free version. PaperRater has users in more than 120 countries.


  • The free version offers up to fifty submissions for grammar checking.
  • It provides suggestions for grammatical errors.
  • It comes with a rich AI algorithm called Grendel.
  • It delivers quick results because of AI and data science.

4.   GradeProof

GradeProof is a high-tech artificial intelligence proofreading tool. The tool gets smarter as you write more because its artificial intelligence algorithms remember the way you write. It will provide more insightful feedback to improve your writing after grabbing the pattern of your writing.

GradeProof corrects grammar errors, spelling errors, and proposes solutions to update your sentences. The tool also includes statistics on writing, grades, and readability.


  • GradeProof offers full support for Chrome, IOS, Google Docs, and MS Word.
  • It provides detailed statistics of words, readability, and grades.
  • It uses the AI-powered Eloquence Engine.
  • It also offers configurable reading and writing settings with a personal dictionary.

5.   PrepostSeo

PrepostSeo is a complete grammar checker software, and various big companies are using it. It is also based on artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. It provides very precise and accurate grammatical suggestions in the text. It allows you to choose between simple and advanced modes to make your text error-free.

PrepostSeo comes with the only free plan. It beautifies the text of your blog by removing unnecessary words and suggesting solutions for wrong spelling and grammar.


  • It offers a WordPress plugin so you can use PrepostSeo directly in your WordPress blog.
  • PrepostSeo is free of cost, even for the whole set of features.
  • There is no restriction of words of pages to correct the grammar in PrepostSeo.
  • You can check grammar mistakes by uploading files in various formats like pdf, doc, and text.


Grammar checkers are playing an important role in improving spelling and grammar skills of many bloggers and content writers. Bloggers with rich English grammar skills are dominating in web content writing and earning much higher than average writers. Above mentioned grammar checkers can enhance your writing abilities and improve your vocabulary if you use one of them for your writing purposes.

Jayron Baldwin

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