How to Become a Pro in Essay Writing in 8 Simple Steps

What if you could improve your essay writing skills fast? Do you want to learn how to write better papers? 

Excellent! We’ve got great news for you. It’s possible to train these skills. Even if you have no writing experience. You don’t have to be a natural-born writer for this. Just follow these 8 proven steps:

  • Choose a topic that you genuinely love
  • Come up with a writing schedule and stick to it
  • Make writing your daily habit 
  • Do detailed research on the topic
  • Create a good outline for your essay
  • Write now, edit later
  • Use writing and editing tools
  • Accept the critique and improve your writing based on the feedback

Take into account that you’ll need to invest your time and efforts to see the results. If you have an urgent assignment that isn’t for school or a job, it might make sense to turn to an essay writing service, which employs professional academic writers.   

Choose a Topic That You Genuinely Love

This step is crucial. If we compare writing an essay with building a house, at this you lay the foundation of your house. 

You should choose the topic that really sparks your interest. Otherwise, you are going to lose motivation too early and end up with a mediocre essay. 

On the contrary, if you pick a topic that appeals to you, you’ll be able to go an extra mile at further stages of crafting your paper. 

Come up with a Writing Schedule and Stick to It

The secret of success in various areas (not only writing) lies in careful planning and executing the plan. 

Time management skills separate losers from successful people. It may be a good idea to check a couple of books by Brian Tracy to crack the code of effective time management.

One of the main tips is to create a writing schedule and stick to it. No excuses. Show your commitment here. It will pay you off later.

Make Writing Your Daily Habit

This tip is closely connected with the previous one. However, let’s get into it a little bit deeper.

Why is it important to develop a daily habit of writing? 

Imagine you want to get bigger muscles or a nice flat belly. What do you need to do to actually achieve this? Obviously, you should go to the gym or do workouts DAILY. 

The same is true when it comes to your “writing muscles”. You need to practice daily to grow them. 

It doesn’t mean you should do something super crazy. Nope. Keep it simple. 

For example, you can write 500 words daily for 1 month. Accept this challenge and you’ll see positive changes. Just do it. 

Carry Out Detailed Research on the Topic

Research is another key factor for your academic success. Every good essay should have relevant fresh sources to quote. Otherwise, the value of your completed assignment will be low in the eyes of your tutor. Usually, you should dig deep into the topic and find what credible sources state about it. In the process of creating your paper, it’ll be great to use citations from these sources. 

Create a Good Outline for Your Essay

Every essay needs a good outline. 

First of all, check good samples to see how the structure of your essay should look like. Analyze them and make notes of the key points of your analysis. 

Secondly, get back to the topic research that you did at the previous stage. Take a fresh look over it again. Pick a unique angle that you can highlight in your paper. 

Thirdly, actually create an outline and write it down.

Write Now, Edit Later

Eliminate all distractions. Catch the flow. Write fast. Don’t distract yourself from editing. Use simple short sentences. 

Express your ideas in a clear, concise, and cohesive way. Support your statements with fresh and relevant data based on facts. 

Compose a strong thesis statement. Support it with 2 or 3 well-researched arguments. 

Once you’re done with writing, switch to editing. It may be good to read your essay aloud and polish it.

Use Writing and Editing Tools 

To speed up the writing and editing process, use tools and apps. Try Grammarly, Language Tool, ProWritingAid, Hemingway App for editing. Use Bear, AIWriter, Scrivener for writing on mobile. 

Accept the Critique and Improve Your Writing Based on the Feedback

Typically, writers take critique as something very painful and don’t want to accept it. Don’t do that. It’s a huge mistake. Show your essay to some of your friends and ask them for their opinion. 

Moreover, it can be good to ask a professional writer to give your feedback as well. 

Accept the critique. Analyze the remarks and tips from others. Identify how you can fix that. 


Hopefully, you find these 8 proven and tested tips useful. Now, it’s your turn to implement them to improve your essay writing skills. Share your thoughts and results in the comments below. 

Jayron Baldwin

Jayron Baldwin is a creative writer, poet, and sports fan. He is currently compiling material to publish his very own poetry blog.