How Yoga and Meditation Can Boost Your Thinking and Studying Skills

Regardless if you have entered college life only a few months ago or are almost done with a large dissertation paper, there is too much stress and anxiety that always get in the way. From revision requests by a college professor to financial struggles and the urgent deadlines, it is every student’s concern. Seeking ways to escape such issues for a bit, it seems logical to choose sports or any artistic hobby, but it is not always possible, especially when there is not enough time for either. This is where meditation for studying helps because of great applicability to any situation. Yoga is a practice that can be mastered even without an instructor or having to go out, but if you have time, try attending wellness retreats to gain some ideas about yoga practices not only for your mind but also for your body postures.. In practice, meditation is a personal experience where an individual becomes free from a set of diverse troublesome matters by approaching them differently.

Boosting Your Focus and The Learning Skills

Most students can recall a situation when they were only a few steps away from success but failed because of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and stress. The healthcare specialists explain such unfortunate situations by an increase in hormonal levels in the human brain that require additional energy. As a result, an average learner cannot concentrate and memorize all the lecture details or focus on each point mentioned in a grading rubric. According to a recent study on yoga and meditation impact on college students, it was revealed that general stress levels and anxiety triggers have been decreased by 67% for the group of students who practiced yoga activities. Since meditation is not only limited to breathing gymnastics, yoga studies include poetry recitals, singing, and special group coaching sessions. While it may not be practical in a college dorm, even five minutes away from the laptop and the books can make a significant change. A reason for that is brain-boosting that happens when a person tries to meditate. A typical newcomer believes that meditation is going towards the depth of consciousness, which plays a positive role and engages the brain cells for additional work and clarity. So how does meditation for study help to boost focus and improve the learning skills? As soon as a student meditates in a quiet environment or starts with a basic yoga alignment pose, the memory processes rearrange themselves as a list of tasks that have to be completed is broken down into several parts. Trying to achieve a sense of peacefulness, a person does not really ignore the problems, but speaks them out in a mental way, thus already acknowledging existing challenges with greater confidence!

Preparing for Meditation

Majority of yoga classes mention special preparation before starting with any practices, yet meditation before studying is not that complex as it may sound. Start with finding a quiet place where you can feel secure and confident without external irritants. Next, put your phone in a safe place where it will not interrupt you. Think of things that worry you the most – homework, family troubles or planning a date tonight. While family problems or a date may be difficult to cope with, most college assignments, thesis, and other writing works can be solved if you ask research paper services for help. A skilled writer will see all these minor flaws in your paper that always lead to decreased grades and a reasonable call for justice. Most students these days turn to online help because it is available 24/7 and can be tailored to personal needs. Once you know that this part of the problem has been addressed, it is high time to switch to more important mental matters.

First of all, keep your posture straight and start with a slow breathing yoga technique, which equals to three small breaths per minute or a condition a person encounters during the calm sleep. It instantly improves the cognitive functions of a body and brings blood pressure and hormonal levels to an average norm. Due to a decrease in the eye strain and increased ventilation of the lungs, a person becomes focused on perceived information and is resistant to sudden shocks. As the human mind becomes inspired with new energy flow, the body reacts by enabling cognitive and memory skills. It is essential, especially for college students who require constant mental and physical support.

How are Meditation and Studying Connected? 

Contrary to supplementary nutrients and even gym workouts, meditation and yoga have  a beneficial effect right away. An important point, however, is taking good care of posture and an environment where meditation takes place. It would not be of great help if a student tries to concentrate in a noisy place or expects yoga to take away all the stress the next minute. It does take time to master the breathing techniques, yet even a single meditation before studying session paves the way towards a totally new experience that will not only boost existing memory and attention levels, but will significantly increase one’s confidence and social skills.

Jayron Baldwin

Jayron Baldwin is a creative writer, poet, and sports fan. He is currently compiling material to publish his very own poetry blog.