Best YouTube Channels with Book Reviews

During the last decade, the Internet has become an easy way to search for information, including finding reviews of books. In this case, it is worth emphasizing YouTube as the most popular source used by modern people. Using this platform, any viewer can find the needed information. For instance, book lovers from WriteMyEssayOnline recommend the list of YouTube channels with entertaining and useful book reviews, considered below.

  1. Better Than Food

YouTube channel Better Than Food provides the viewer with the personal opinion of its speaker about various books. For instance, in section “Playlists,” one can find reviews of European, Japanese, Italian, or Russian literature works. Moreover, the speaker talks about fiction, philosophy, classics, short stories, novels, and essays. On Better Than Food there are more than 170 videos in which the speaker considers plots of the books, as well as whether they are entertaining or not.

  1. The Book Belle

The Book Belle is a YouTube channel, which contains book review videos, in addition to reading recommendations and book hauls. Also, the speaker of the channel has several videos with books` writers. In most cases, she makes reviews on modern literary works. In reviews, the speaker shares with her own opinion about the read books. Thus, this channel can be useful for individuals who are interested in modern literary and want to become familiar with the works of contemporary writers.

  1. Helly

On Helly, book lovers also can find book reviews, as well as recommendations, hauls, and lessons from literary works. In this channel`s videos, individuals can consider the personal opinion of the speaker from India about books` plots and characters. She expresses her real emotions concerning actions in the read books, which can be entertaining. One can find this channel attractive in terms of finding books to read.

  1. Little Book Owl

The channel Little Book Owl is also for modern book lovers, who want to find something interesting to read. On this YouTube channel, a young woman talks mostly about modern literary works. Besides, viewers can watch her recommendation and haul videos. In contrast to the above listed YouTube channels, this one contains videos about audiobooks. Therefore, the noted channel can be attractive for young readers, who prefer modern literature and want to find entertaining books.

  1. abookutopia

The YouTube channel abookutopia differs a little bit from other listed channels since the speaker talks about several books once a month. She presents the read literary work and expresses her opinion about their plots and heroes. As well as other YouTube speakers, this young woman has a playlist with book hauls because her collection of literary works is quite impressive. Hence, on the noted YouTube channel, one can find a vast number of entertaining modern books to read.

  1. London Review of Books (LRB)

Such a channel as London Review of Books (LRB) can be useful for individuals who want to analyze books, in addition to finding ones for reading. Videos, published on this web-page contain lectures of various writers or educators, who talk about social issues reflected in books. Therefore, London Review of Books (LRB) can be considered as a source for students that can be used for studying. To exemplify, videos present such topics as “Women in Power” or “Where on Earth are you?”.

  1. Y T STUDY

Y T STUDY can also be used in terms of education since it contains videos with book reviews and tips for passing exams. Mostly, the content of the channel is about textbooks, which are significant in students` learning. Hence, one can find information about what books are worth buying, wether they contain relevant content or not. Also, the viewer can find out what books they need for the Joint Entrance Examination (IITJEE).

  1. Under The Covers Book Blog

YouTube channel Under The Covers Book Blog, as well as other recommended ones, is about book reviews. However, it mostly goes contains videos about romances. Hence, this channel can be useful for people who want to choose literary works for themselves, but not in terms of education. Considering tastes of different individuals, speakers of Under The Covers Book Blog recommend books with curvy heroines, military heroes, or sci-fi romances.

  1. BOOKs Review

BOOKs Review is one more YouTube channel that can be entertaining for people who get an education. However, it is worth saying that it contains reviews of books about taxes, accounting, and economics. In videos, the speaker shows the context of textbooks, as well as their content. Besides, individuals can find out what book can be useful for a particular level of the exam such as CA INTER or CS Executive.

  1. Bickering Book Reviews

Bickering Book Reviews is about teen books. Hence, it can be more attractive for the young generation in terms of finding entertaining literature. On this channel, speakers talk about romances, fantasy, mysteries, science fiction, witchy tales, historical fiction, as well as musical novels. Thus, every young individual can find a book according to his or her tastes and preferences. In addition, Bickering Book Reviews contains reviews of awarded or best books published during the last two years.

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