Preparing for college is an exciting time for high school students, but deciding what college to attend after graduation can be stressful—let alone the processes of coming up with, rehearing, and remembering college interview questions to ask college interviewers when the time comes.

On the other hand, if we remove the stress from the process for just a second, college interviews are a wonderful way to ensure that your favorite colleges are actually good matches for you. It is essential that the college you choose has the academic resources necessary to help you achieve your future career goals, and all that can begin with asking the right college interview questions.

Just as importantly, it is also essential that the school you choose has the resources necessary to allow you to maintain your physical and mental health, grow as a person, and make personal connections. Here are 25 college interview questions that are important to ask college interviewers to ensure that the school you pick is the perfect fit for you.

      1. Can you tell me more about your [XYZ] program?
      2. What is the most unique thing about [XYZ] school?
      3. Based on your experience at [XYZ] school, what do you think are the school’s core values?
      4. What study abroad opportunities are available for students?
      5. Could you describe some social activities that are popular on campus?
      6. What healthcare options are available for students at [XYZ] school?
      7. What is your favorite part about working at [XYZ] school?
      8. What is your favorite tradition from [XYZ] school?
      9. What campus-based jobs are available for students who participate in the work-study program?
      10. What is the typical weekend like for students who live on campus?
      11. What career planning services do you offer to students?
      12. What community service or service-learning opportunities are available for students?
      13. What is the average class size for a lecture class and for an upper-level class?
      14. Are there resources and services readily available for students who need mental healthcare?
      15. What opportunities are available for participating in research as an [XYZ] major?
      16. What is the average level of student loan debt for your graduates?
      17. What tutoring and academic support systems are available for students?
      18. Do you have resources available for students with disabilities?
      19. What are some ways that students on campus de-stress and foster positive mental health?
      20. What should a new freshman expect during the first week on campus?
      21.  What personal qualities do you believe help students succeed at this school?
      22. How would you describe the college’s atmosphere or culture?
      23. Name one thing you believe sets this school apart from other colleges?
      24.  If you could change anything about this school, what would it be?
      25.  What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

One often-overlooked aspect of the college search is access to mental and physical healthcare. Until now, you likely received medical care from a physician chosen by your parents, and your parents likely made your appointments and ensured that you showed up to them. In college, you may not have access to your previous healthcare provider. Accidents and injuries happen, so it is essential to know how to access healthcare while you are away at college. College can also be a stressful time, and having resources available to address anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental illness are just as important as having access to doctors, nurses, and clinics to help with physical illness. In addition, with temptations to experiment with alcohol and drugs, knowing the available college rehab resources is equally important.

Many of the college interview questions above will help narrow your college choices according to the degree program you’re interested in, the college or university’s core values, and opportunities that will help you gain valuable skills for your future career. However, college is much more than just preparing for your career. College is likely your first opportunity to live as an independent adult, and those years spent on campus are important for making lifelong friends and connections, developing new hobbies and passions, and finding where you fit in your community and in the world. It is important to find a college or university that can help you grow as both a student and as an individual.

Before arriving at your college interview, be sure to do research on the school. It typically impresses college interviewers when your college interview questions reflect an understanding of the school’s culture, history, and mission. A college interview is similar to a job interview, so remember to be polite, professional, and confident. Your college interview is not just about the admissions staff determining which potential students are right for the college. It is also your chance to determine which school is right for you. Above all, relax and enjoy making connections and taking the next step in your educational journey!


Adam Durnham
Adam Durnham

Adam Durnham is a freelance blogger that specializes in education, healthcare, and mental health and wellness. He currently lives in Detroit with his dog Beignet.

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