The Golden Age: How Millard Kaufman Proved it is Never Too Late to Start Writing

The undying passion inside many closet-writers around the country and world has never seen any light. The drive to write is universally reflected as a burdensome and challenging passion to pursue, but it is indeed never too late to begin writing (and sharing that writing with the world). Get out that dusty guitar, that blank canvas, and that rusty typewriter—let’s get inspired.

The creative fields, in particular, are considered to be challenging pursuits—it’s true that one may not always be able to make a living out of passion for an art form. Obviously, financial security comes first for many of us. However, when there is a point in life when responsibilities do not chase you, or when you’re able to pursue your passion for an art form without dependence on it for financial stability, it might be time to pick up where things were left off.

Millard Kauffman took this leap in his last years and released his first novel, Bowl of Cherries, in 2007, two years before his death. In spite of being a widely acclaimed screenwriter, he still had to wait for a long time to get his hands on what he really loved. Similarly, Frank McCourt, got his book, Angela’s Ashes, published when he was 66 and won many awards including the Pulitzer Prize for that. Harriet Doerr was 74 when she published her novel Stones for Ibarra, based on her time in Mexico, and went on to win National Book Award for First Work of Fiction in 1984.

There are many more examples of similar writers who prove that it is never too late to start writing. Let’s explore three ways these writers could do it, and how you can, too.

Creativity Does Not Age

Throughout history, there are many masterminds who achieved success in their last few years on earth. Even in early years, young minds would have found their love for words from something as regular as school or college essays.

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However they choose to maintain their penchant in writing, the fact remains that many gifted writers don’t get to pursue their love of writing professionally. Just because these writers have pursued other disciplines or fields does not mean their writing skills have faded, or that their creativity has been in any way subdued. It might be years later when they pick up the pen again, only to realize that they have got better at it.

More Life Experience

Many writers across genres vouch that personal experiences play a substantial part in writing. For many writers, writing is a direct reflection of the soul. With years of life experience under their belts, those who return to writing after pursuing other careers or life experiences can find remarkably strong inspiration when they finally set to write. This inspiration can be the biggest treasure for a writer, and can be precisely what makes their writing theirs.

More Support

There are many reasons why blooming writers do not pursue the talent at the first onset of opportunity. As I mentioned, concerns around writing success and earning a living are the deciding factor for many hesitant writing enthusiasts. With a career and support network of friends and family, the next great American writer may have just retired and decided to return to a long-neglected love of writing

Creativity is one of those gifts which has no restrictions when it comes to age, or anything else for that matter. Now, with the Internet and a blossoming community across it, the circumstances of the literary world have arguably never been more appreciative for new talents, regardless of age and background.

Whether you are in the prime of your career, personal life or life in general, you are now hopefully more prepared to take up writing than you’ve ever been. The whole world is ready to hear what you have to say. Perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright put it best when he said, “The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.”

Mary Hampton

Mary Hampton is a writer who is passionate about extending the accessibility of writing and literary resources.